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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • What is a descriptive essay?
    This is an essay that aims to teach students to describe various objects or subjects. The main topic can be about locations, emotional background, a specific situation, or a natural phenomenon. The main task is a detailed description of all aspects of the selected topic.
  • What makes a good descriptive paper?
    Students must adhere to the professor's requirements and provide a detailed description of terms, phenomena, objects, or specific events. Such a task involves using extremely clear wording and a logical structure of the narrative, citing trusted sources if necessary.
  • How many paragraphs should a descriptive essay have?
    Any standard descriptive essay should have at least five paragraphs. The first one is the introduction. Three-body paragraphs go then. The final fifth is a conclusion. However, in some cases, the number of paragraphs may be increased. The main reason is the number of described objects.
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Not every student can appreciate having writing assignments in their curriculum. Often, such homework is the cause of sleepless nights, stress, and extreme confusion. There are many reasons why these assignments can turn into a young person’s worst nightmare. However, writing papers should not be as difficult as so many college students try to portray them. Moreover, it definitely shouldn’t be as terrifying as many believe it is. Of course, some academic papers can be very challenging and complex, especially for freshmen. However, the type of essay we are discussing here is, for sure, not one of them. Let’s see more about it. 

The Purpose of Writing a Descriptive Essay 

Writing this particular type of paper is not as hard as it may seem at first glance. In fact, it can be quite a fun thing to do. It may especially interest people with a vivid imagination and sharp minds. Those of you who love creating something out of nothing. Overall, teachers often give their students these assignments when they only introduce young people to the basics of writing. The goal here is to master the techniques, creative flow, and self-expression. A writer needs to describe something in a manner that will be enlightening to others.

This paper’s subject can be anything you’d like, from a cultural subject to personal experience. Here are just a few examples: 

  • A book review
  • A movie review
  • A memory of certain historical events
  • Research on something
  • Travel experience
  • A depiction of a geographic location

Thus, you can pick any topic you like and describe it to the best of your abilities. The key here is in detail. Be specific, creative, playful with your words. Show the courage in your style. Follow the required structure and rules of paper structure. 

The Main Components

As always, you need to know the basic components that have to present in your work. First of all, your paper should be made of three main structural parts. These are the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Truly, these are the only limitations to the free flow of your consciousness here. 

Choose the Topic

It is hard to overestimate the importance of a well-chosen topic for the success of your assignment. Pick something interesting to you. Your topic should be easy for you to write. Though, it should be of some interest to others as well. After all, you are doing it for the readers. However, don’t confuse a topic with the thesis statement. These are two rather different things. Your thesis statement should be defined in the introduction. It should be written in a clear distinctive manner. A thesis statement should point out the information you are going to provide by the end of your paper. 


You may think that for the given work, you may not need any research done. However, it will be wrong. The process of compiling the information is a necessary step in any academic work. Overall, you need to either recall or look for the basic information, such as names, places, dates, and so on. This is also a part of the research. Such details help your readers focus on your story better. 


Now, before you actually start writing, you should make an outline. It serves you as a map of your future work. It should be small and have all the key ideas, findings, and thoughts of your future essay. Overall, your outline should show how many paragraphs you will have for each argument, how you will structure them, and in what order. 

Do Body Paragraphs First 

This is one of the tricks you can try for yourself. Sometimes, it is much easier to start with the body paragraphs and roll from there. By starting with them, you can form a clear idea of what you want to write about and what your stand on the described issues. Just be sure to follow your thesis statement while you are doing so.


Once you are done with the body, you can write your introduction and summary. Remember, in your conclusion, you need to answer the thesis statement set in the introduction. Overall, your summary gives you the opportunity to show your thoughts on the matter. It is time to offer a full analysis of the issue to your readers. Just be sure to include only arguments and evidence that has been previously stated in your work. 


Many people think they are done once they typed the last dot in the text. In reality, you still need to read your work one more time. You should look for inconsistency, grammar mistakes, or other flaws. 

Use a Descriptive Essay Writing Service

Though, if even after this guide, you are still afraid of working on this project on your own, you should seek help on writing a descriptive essay online. The Internet offers unlimited assistance for those who need it, especially in regards to cheap custom writing help with college assignments. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding an affordable academic writer who will make all your concerns and fears disappear. 

If you worry about contacting these services due to the specifics of the work, we encourage you not to. After all, you are not there to buy a personal essay. Yes, this paper should reflect what is on your mind, sure. However, you can easily communicate your thoughts on the matter to the professional you have chosen. They can put all the information you have given them in a beautiful, coherent text. You may be even surprised to see a paper that is written just as you would have done it, if only you had just a bit more experience in this area.