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Career Goals Essay

College admission essays often include a discussion about career goals. This skill can make a huge difference in a student's life. Writing such essays requires that one reflect on their career goals. This includes what it would take for them to be achieved, what the obstacles and challenges would be, as well as what they can learn from other people who have done this same career path.

The content of an essay will vary depending on the profession or activity. These are just a few examples of essays and career goals that you might find useful. They include the content, flow of ideas (the outline), writing style and formatting (sections such as introduction, conclusion and thesis statement) and structure.

Essay Examples on Career Goals



Writing Tips for Career Goals Scholarship Essays

These are some tips to help you write career goal scholarship essays.

  • You should write about career goals that are related to the scholarship. You don't have to be honest about your career goals in order to make them work. You should find a way to tie them to the scholarship committee and other components of the scholarship.
  • Your career goals should be specific. Do not make vague statements about your career goals that indicate you don't have a plan.
  • Discuss how education can help you reach your career goals. You must show a connection between them so they can understand why you are worthy of this scholarship.
  • If you have multiple goals, you should indicate the one that you are most passionate about. Be specific about how your talents, experience, and degree will benefit you.
  • You should not be focusing on problems, but solutions. While you may recall past struggles, you should also highlight the lessons you intend to learn from them.
  • Your thoughts should be organized in a fluid way. It will likely be chronological, beginning with your degree and moving through your career.
  • Write, revise, rest, revise.
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