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Missouri's Role in the Civil War

The main purpose of Missouri in the civil war was sending armies, men, supplies and generals across it borderline to the other side; it had different governments who each...
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2021-03-04 18:02:25

Foundation of Jamestown

Jamestown, Virginia was founded in 1607 as the first Virginia Colony settlement. it was the capital of Virginia until 1699 when Williamsburg was made the capital. It has...
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(1582 Words)
2021-03-05 01:45:24

The Future of Puerto Rico

Many years have passed with Puerto Ricans debating on the issue of whether the island should become a state or it should remain a territory of the United States. Due to d...
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(1190 Words)
2021-03-05 11:17:41

Effects of Physical Geography on Human Life

Physical geography can affect the human lives in both positive and negative ways. Rivers, lakes, mountains, hills, streams and even the general landscape can make the liv...
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(1129 Words)
2021-03-06 23:57:29

European Refugee Crisis

Europe constantly faces the influx of refugees from third countries, but this event took a threatening character in recent months. The aggravation of this situation was a...
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(1290 Words)
2021-03-06 22:09:32

Expansion Beginning 1500 of Asian Empires

There has been a rapid expansion of Asian empires from 15th centuries and there eventual impact from Europe. There are many components that have contributed to the explor...
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(898 Words)
2021-03-08 18:58:55

Khoisan of South Africa

The Khoisan people live in the Northern Cape of South Africa and are said to have descended from two different tribes. The tribe is made up of the San and Khoikhoi, who w...
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(1276 Words)
2021-03-11 17:14:29

Mongolian Empire

The Mongolian empire started in the 19th century and grew to become the largest empire of the time. The Mongolian empire expanded with time because of various factors, un...
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(1138 Words)
2021-03-13 19:32:57

Coal Mining in Appalachia

Appalachia is a region that is located on the eastern side of the United States and that stretches from the southern parts of New York to the northern regions of Alabama,...
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(1232 Words)
2021-03-13 17:31:53

Analysis of San Diego in the 1930s

San Diego in the 1930s offers a real picture of the city's roadside attractions, culture, and history back in the years of the Spanish undertakings before the Second Worl...
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(945 Words)
2021-05-14 05:26:05

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