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Errors and the First Language

Learning a second language has never been easy; it is accompanied by some mistakes, which are unavoidable. The effects of the first language in learning a second one are...
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2021-03-04 12:59:26

Rubrics to Assess English Language Learners

There are many English Language Learners students who are developing and improving their proficiency in language arts. Notably, they occupy a large population in our clas...
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2021-03-08 15:54:31

Learning English as a Foreign Language in Saudi Arabia

Challenges among Saudi EFL learners have been a great deal whether for them or teachers as some of these learners have poor performance in interaction inside EFL classroo...
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2021-03-09 13:23:06

Teaching Methods for English as a Second Language Students

Teaching a very diverse group of students in terms of their skills and abilities as well as their needs requires one to employ a wide range of techniques so as to ensure...
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2021-03-11 20:51:52

Bilingual Education in New Zealand

The bilingual approach to education in New Zealand has been appraised as one of the most progressive steps in the education system in the country. With an increased appor...
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2021-03-12 18:03:27

Addressing Problems of the ESL Students

Because we stay distance a part, we had to use skype in our daily learning activities so that we could learn online within thirty to forty minutes. Our online learning in...
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2021-03-13 14:45:58

English - Teaching Language Use in Context

Aboriginals Australians can be said to be descendants of the first batch of people to leave Africa 75,000 years ago. Hence, they may be the oldest continuous culture on e...
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2021-03-22 08:49:28

Chinese Characters Myth

The concept of ideographs depicts a form of written symbols or characters that tend to convey the message straight to the mind bypassing the need for speech or sound. The...
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2021-03-22 10:28:29

Essay Sample on Chinese Writing System

The Chinese writing system is continuously used all over the world. The writing system played a great role in establishing China as a country. The Chinese language presen...
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2021-03-23 04:34:55

The Notion of Truth Values in Semantics

The compositional semantic theory is based upon the assigning a meaning to each basic expression of a language. This sense adds what is referred to as semantic value. The...
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2021-03-25 11:40:40