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World War II Essay Examples and Topics

The deadliest military conflict that affected dozens of countries and ended over 70 million lives all over the globe isn’t an easy topic to tackle. It was a drawn-out battle between the Allies and the Axis that was a long time coming and lasted for six grueling years. Although it’s been 75 years since the end of the war, a World War 2 essay will never be irrelevant or dated. There are plenty of lessons to learn from this conflict, and it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to dive head-first into the heart-wrenching, gritty details of WWII. 

World War II Research Paper Topics Beyond History Class

Historians have written countless books, articles and dissertations about WW2, and you can certainly follow in their footsteps. But if you want to mix things up, you can come up with a topic suitable for any class or major. Here are some ideas to tickle your imagination:

  1. For Sociology class, get to the roots of German racial discrimination. Explain the hunt for the Jewish population, the means used against them and the long-term repercussion of the persecution.
  2. For Business class, find out how the US economy responded to the war efforts. Research the countries that benefited most from producing weapons, machinery, and transports.
  3. For Psychology class, consider the evolution of the understanding of post-traumatic stress. Research the ways WW2 veterans were treated and how the civilian population recovered from trauma.
  4. For Ecology class, pay attention to the nuclear and toxic pollutants released throughout the war. Discover the post-Hiroshima recovery efforts and the effects of nuclear tests on global health deterioration.
  5. For Medical courses, consider the new treatments developed during WWII. Study the innovations in field surgery and treatment plans that occurred in under-staffed triage areas.

Considering the vastness of the conflict, there are no limits to WWII topics for research papers. Any class you take will benefit from a reminder of the bloodiest conflict in human history and its hard-learned lessons. 

World War 2 Essay Topics Ideas

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  9. How Did the Second World War Both Change and Reinforce Gender Norms?
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