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Capillary Electrophoresis

Capillary electrophoresis is a qualitative analysis of the DNA collected. It utilizes electrical charge, molecular size and fluorescence and as the main working principle...
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2021-04-21 14:24:40

Research Paper Sample: Forensic Entomology

Forensic entomology refers to the application of insect in determining the time since death (post-mortem interval) of a decomposing human body CITATION Gen12 \l 1033 (Ge...
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2021-04-08 04:11:31

Research Paper Example on Validation of Forensic Tools

The science of digital forensics is mainly founded under principles of repeatable processes, as well as the provision of quality evidence. As such, forensic experts shoul...
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2021-04-01 19:43:04

Mobile Phone Forensics - Example of Writing Assignment

The digital forensic community is always facing the challenge of keeping ahead of the latest technologies in the market that could be employed for exposing essential clue...
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2021-03-30 17:58:14

Comprehensive Examination: MA in Forensic Psychology

A Mental Status Examination (MSE) would be very helpful in to evaluate Mr. Martin thoroughly. The MSE would provide insights into his thought content, thought process, co...
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2021-03-29 20:02:25

Forensic Psychology in Child Custody

When a married couple decides to get a divorce, children are a major concern to the United States legal system. There is the custodial arrangement enactment law which is...
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2021-03-25 18:46:57