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Free Forensic Science Essay Examples

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Free Forensic Science Essay Topics & Examples

Justice for all is among the basic requirements of a democratic society. However, justice is impossible without swift investigation and a fair trial supported by clear evidence. For centuries, judges had to rely on conflicting witness accounts and personal judgment for their rulings. As a result, we will never learn the number of falsely accused and prosecuted innocents throughout human history.

However, even after impressive breakthroughs in forensic science, accepted methodologies are questioned and retired while new techniques are introduced. The field is very much alive and thriving, considering the ever-growing crime rates in the US and across the globe. So whether you’re a STEM major or dabble in science classes for fun, Forensic Science essays are a great way to expand your knowledge and stand out among your peers with a fresh, unconventional take on materials science, accounting, or even linguistics. 

There are dozens of narrow forensic research fields, so you will surely find one that catches your eye. To help you get started on your research, check out our shortlist of exciting ideas and essay topics related to the Forensic Science. You’ll find even more inspiring issues to study among our samples.

Forensic Science Essay Examples

Intriguing and Thought-Provoking Forensic Science Essay Topics

In the good old days of high school, essays were easy. A quick google search and your “Why is the Forensic Science important essay?” was ready with barely any work of your own. Unfortunately, college professors are more demanding and want you to think outside the box and sink your teeth into a juicy topic before they grant you an A. Here are some avenues your Forensic Science research paper can take:

  1. Can fingerprinting be valid forensic evidence without proof of every fingerprint being unique? This is just one sample of a Forensic Science essay topic. The idea here is to question the validity of established methodologies and find flaws. DNA evidence fabrication provides another exciting research opportunity.
  2. Examine documented evidence in a high-profile historical crime. Pick a presidential assassination or a renowned theft and ignore the conspiracy theories, instead focusing on the forensic evidence documented in official sources. You can add the impact modern techniques would have had on the case.
  3. Look into the influence the CSI Effect has had on the justice system. Compare the real experiences of a forensic investigator with their depiction in popular TV shows and movies. In one of your essays on the Forensic Science issues, research the biases formed among jurors due to the CSI Effect.
  4. Consider the standards for admissible forensic evidence in the US justice system. Look into proper evidence collection and handling protocols that protect it from tampering. Alternatively, you can cover an example of Forensic Science misuse by the investigators or litigators to secure the desired court outcome.
  5. Research new techniques and tools used to combat the synthetic opioid overdose epidemic. Discover the ways authorities and scientists locate fentanyl traces, bring dealers to justice, and prevent the further spread of the opioid epidemic.

These five research avenues barely scratch the surface of the complex and exciting field of forensics. If you’re a Business major, you may be more interested in forensic accounting, which helps trace illegal money transactions and fraud. Or you could look into digital security and forensics to find vulnerabilities and ways to exploit critical systems. Whichever line of research you wish to pursue, start with examples of the Forensic Science assignments in our database. These should provide plenty of inspiration and valuable patterns you could borrow for your essay, from paper outline to thesis statement structure and reference list.

The challenge of writing essays on Forensic Science is the sheer volume of research you need to go through before thinking about writing. You will need to spend a week digging through the latest publications to make your piece look good. If you don’t have that much time before the submission deadline, getting professional writing help is the only viable option. Our experts will be happy to take over your assignment and deliver an outstanding piece worthy of the highest grade. Skip straight to the order form to get your order in early and save or get in touch with the support team to learn more of what we can do for you.

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