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Before you begin to draft your essay outline, it is important that you understand immigration and its causes.

What is immigration? It is the process of getting permanent residence in another country. This is also known as an immigrant.

Why Do People Decide to Immigrate?

Each person is unique. We have compiled the most popular reasons for immigration below:

  • Economics. People move to another country when they feel unhappy with the conditions at home: low wages, corruption, and high taxes. These are all reasons to seek better lives.
  • Politics. Some countries have a ban on certain groups of people from holding certain positions or obtaining the education they desire. This list, for example, includes occupations and professions that are not allowed to be performed by women.
  • Wars. Even though the 21st century is here, there are still wars. Refugees are increasing in number due to the need to protect families of immigrants and escape death.
  • Freedom and human rights. All people want to be able to share their lives with loved ones and have the freedom to choose a career and religion that suits them best, regardless of marital or social status. Some countries prohibit same-sex marriage and ban certain religions or religious trends that are not the dominant. Many countries have no freedom of speech. Even a brief post on your social media accounts could land you in prison.
  • Personal reasons. This could be a desire for a better career, a realization of a childhood dream to live in a particular place, or to receive education at a specific institution.

Illegal and legal immigration can both be legal. Legal immigration is when the person obtains the resident status according to government regulations. Immigrants who attempt to escape to other countries illegally are on the other hand.

Immigration Essay Research Topics

The beauty of this kind of essay is that you have a comprehensive menu to choose from. It depends on the assignment given.

Some of these categories may include:

  • Immigration history
  • The merits and the demerits of the process
  • The impact of immigration on society
  • Legal implications
  • What it does to a country's economy
  • Migration has an impact on the jobs market
  • Relationship between crime and immigration
  • Countermeasures to Immigration
  • How immigration impacts educational institutions
  • Immigrants' racial impacts
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