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Essay on Important Changes for Businesses and Managers as They Relate to SOX

There are very many important changes that have been made for businesses and managers in relation to SOX. These changes were made in response to federal corporate scandal...
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2021-06-25 17:36:43

Research Paper Example: The Use of Drones in the Auditing and Accounting Profession

Since the era of renaissance tremendous and gradual progress on the evolution in technology has yielded positive changes in artificial intelligence systems. The revoluti...
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2021-04-13 02:18:01

Paper on Audit: Auditors Do Not Have Full Responsibility to Detect Fraud

It is the interest of the various stakeholders of a company that any fraudulent activities are discovered and those involved punished for their criminal acts. Many of the...
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2021-03-24 07:15:30

Litigation, Censures, and Fines

KPMG, arguably one of the biggest global auditing firms, was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 20014 for breaching legislation and professional e...
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2021-03-22 02:43:37

Budgeting and Beyond: Literature Review, Approaches, Criticisms

The world budgeting is not mainly used to refer to a narrow planning and control sense; rather it is used as generic term for both control management and traditional comm...
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2021-03-19 10:24:19

Understanding ISO 27001 and Auditing the Security Program

Company information such as financial information, information entrusted to the company by third parties, employee information and intellectual information amongst others...
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2021-03-19 08:38:39

Audit of Cash and Financial Instruments

Cask account balancing tests rely on the initial assessment of test of controls, control risk, and substantive tests of business transactions using cash receipts. Firms u...
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2021-03-19 03:39:39

The Audit Process

Discuss the steps that you need to consider before accepting to do an audit of the KGC Ltd. mine in PNG?Asking the right inquiries while considering either acknowledgment...
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2021-03-14 01:39:25

Ford Motor Company: Financial Statement Analysis

Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford and subsequently incorporated in June 1903. It has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, US. The company operations involve...
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2021-03-13 14:28:35

Auditing of the AIG Company

1.1 Background of the StudyThe performance of any organization regarding the financial considerations is a crucial component of the success in the corporate sector. A kee...
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2021-03-12 06:09:18