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Free Vaccines Essay Topics & Examples

The pandemic crisis of 2020-2021 demonstrated the value of vaccination for individual health and common safety. However, the topic remains highly controversial, as the number of anti-vaccination activists continues to grow despite the overwhelming volume of scientific proof in favor of immunization. Considering the importance of the topic, writing an essay on vaccines is a typical assignment for college students, and we are here to help you get ready to tackle it.

As always, narrowing down the topic is the first order of business for vaccine essays, just like for any other assignment. You need an issue relevant to the current situation, easy to research, and narrow enough to cover in an essay or a research paper. Read on to find a handful of solid examples of essay topics related to vaccines you can alter to fit your assignment or use as they are.

Vaccination Essay Examples

Unorthodox Vaccination Essay Topics for Everyone

The list of good-old stale topics includes the classics like ‘Why vaccines are important essay,’ ‘What is an example of a vaccine essay?’ or ‘Pros and cons of vaccinations essay.’ And while all three are good enough for getting out of this assignment quickly, neither will endear you to the professor or gain you a high grade. However, if you’re ready to take this task seriously, we have a few ideas you can use to ensure your essay stands out and scores high:

  • For your Ethics class, consider the ethics of vaccination mandates throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. For an added twist, contrast them with the immunization of babies under the age of one and discuss who should be held responsible for inoculating infants without consent.
  • If you take History, smallpox epidemics are a great starting point for your research. You can trace the number of victims taken by the disease before it was completely eradicated in 1979 and analyze the efficiency of the immunization process across continents. 
  • If you are a Psychology major, you might want to pay attention to the reasons for vaccination hesitancy, including the public memory generated by falsified publications, like the one connecting MMR vaccines to autism. Investigate why parents continue to be wary of shots even after the claims have been overruled.
  • Even Business students can find something to write when it comes to vaccines topics essays. The Covid-19 pandemic makes for an excellent case study of a handful of pharmaceutical companies taking over the market and generating billions of dollars in revenue through unilateral control of the prices.
  • If you prefer the Marketing side of business, devise a social outreach campaign to promote vaccination among those hesitant of accepting shots. Consider ways to overpower their fear of side effects and conspiracy theories and estimate the number of targeted campaigns necessary to convince anti-vaxxers of different categories.
  • Theology is another class suitable for an immunization discussion. Research how different denominations treat Covid-19 shots or the prevailing religious take on preventative medical procedures. You can focus on the best or worst practices throughout the pandemic and research the number of coronavirus cases in either scenario.
  • If you’re studying Nursing and Medicine, you can write multiple immunization essays. For instance, you may want to cover the recurrence of measles in the US in the 21 century, a decade after the disease was considered obliterated once and for all. Compare the number of outbreaks to the number of children who were not vaccinated.

Whichever topic you choose, you have three ways of completing the assignment. And you don’t need us to tell you how to write the essay the usual way. A more time-efficient option starts with a vaccination essay example from our database. Use it to gain a solid understanding of the topic, find credible sources, and steal an idea or two for your thesis statement or core points. Using a sample will accelerate your writing and save days of your valuable time.

And if you don’t find the perfect example of vaccination essays to use or have merely a couple of days left to complete the assignment, delegate the whole thing to our professional writers. They’ve handled dozens of papers on immunization and vaccines, so all you need to do is specify the topic and order details, and your expert will start research and writing right away.

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