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Free Feminism Essay Topics & Examples

The US media and politicians are fond of painting feminists in a negative light. As a result, while most people share the belief in equal gender rights, less than 20% consider themselves feminists. In over a hundred years, several waves of the feminist movement achieved unprecedented results, including securing the women’s right to vote, equal employment opportunities, and the legalization of abortion. However, many issues remain unresolved, and so feminism essays remain a staple for Gender Studies majors and other college students.

At times, the feminist movement is highly diverse and contradictory, so even a feminism definition essay would take at least half a dozen pages. If you are limited by the assignment’s word count requirements, narrowing down the research question should be the top item on your to-do list. You’ll find excellent title examples in our database or within the list below.

Feminism Essay Examples

Diverse Feminism Essay Topics for Any Class

Sociology, Women Studies, and Gender Studies are all obvious contenders for a feminists topic essay or two. With over a dozen feminist movements, including radical feminism, lipstick feminism, or ecofeminism, you have a wide variety of beliefs, values, and goals to study, compare, and analyze. Moreover, the most recent wave of feminism started barely a decade ago; you can use first-hand accounts and current data to support your research, make it fresh and relevant.

Still, even outside these classes, there’ room for feminism research. You can write a feminism argumentative essay regardless of the course you take:

  • Business. The pay gap and glass ceiling are the most obvious and well-researched topics, but maternity leave legislation is a way hotter issue with huge repercussions, so you may want to look into it instead. You can also try to theorize a matriarchal corporate structure led chiefly by women and think of a new set of business strategies for such an enterprise.
  • Marketing. Research the adverse effects of female and male body objectification on the psyche of children and teenagers. Consider alternative solutions that would produce similar results without promoting violence and abuse.
  • Psychology. Look into the evolution of the psychotherapists’ views of female sexuality from Freud to modern days. Analyze the influence of the transfer of male norms onto the female body and mind.
  • Literature. Summarize and comment on one or several feminist stories or novels and consider how they were received at the time of writing and publishing. Include social norms and taboos that prevented feminist works from being published until the second half of the 20th century.
  • Medicine. Craft a feminist essay depicting how the equal rights movement affected birth rate, the safety of abortions, or female satisfaction during sexual intercourse. You can also review the uptick in the number of lesbian pairs among feminists and its connection to the failure of men to reliably stimulate orgasm in their female partners.

Writing About Feminism

Once you and your professor are happy with the topic, the true challenge begins. You’re about to dive head-first into dozens of articles and books to find a handful to use in your paper. Then comes the time for outlining and formulating your feminism thesis statement and building a piece around it. Corralling all the newfound info into coherent writing is a chore, but editing the final draft to make it ready for submission is even more so. By the end, you will be no longer interested in feminism or writing another essay.

There is an easier way to write this assignment, starting with a feminism essay example as your template. Use a sample from our collection as a mold to design a solid structure, borrow a couple of strong arguments, and cite credible sources from the reference section. With this approach, you’ll significantly speed up the writing process, and your paper will be done in no time.

And the easiest way to get through writing a feminism essay introduction, body and conclusion is to outsource it to a professional writer. Our experts have dealt with dozens of feminism assignments, so they know all the best authors to cite and all the recent developments to consider. They’ll stick to your instructions and deliver your paper right on time. All you have to do is fill in the order form. 


What Are Feminism Essay Samples?

Feminism essay examples are articles that show how feminist argumentation can be used to analyze topics relating to gender, sexuality and justice.

Where Can I Find Feminism Essay Samples? provides a wide selection of professionally-written feminism essay samples.These samples provide readers with an understanding of how feminist theory can be used to discuss key issues in gender and social justice.

What Topics Are Covered in the Feminism Essay Samples? offers a variety of feminism essay samples. These include topics such as gender roles, power dynamics and sexuality.

Are the Feminism Essay Samples Written by Experts?

Yes, has samples written by professionals who are experts in feminist theory and essay writing.

What Can I Learn From Reading the Feminism Essay Samples?

You can learn more about feminist theory by reading's sample essays. Learn how to use feminist concepts to create persuasive arguments and how to include relevant evidence in your writing.

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