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Free Ecological Footprint Essay Topics & Examples

Environmental concerns are getting more pressing every coming year, and new ecological metrics arise to evaluate the impact of individuals and countries on the planet. These include biocapacity reserves and deficits and ecological overshoot, but carbon and ecological footprints are widely used in marketing campaigns and headlines to grab attention.

So what is an ecological footprint? The Global Footprint Network suggested this metric. This approach helps estimate the natural resources requirements of a state or an individual. In simple terms, the footprint is the Earth’s square surface necessary to support a person’s lifestyle throughout the year. The same method can be used to calculate global or individual overshoot days. They mark the dates we will have used more from nature than Earth can reproduce in the entire year. Since 2000, the Overshoot Day has moved up from September to July.

Considering the global shift towards sustainability and green initiatives, ecological footprint essays will likely appear in your syllabi throughout your college program. And while the topic is well-researched and relevant, it can be overwhelming if you have never looked into the issue before. To help you rock this assignment, we’ve compiled a list of essay topics related to the ecological footprint and ideas you can develop into research papers or case studies. 

Examples of Essays on Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint Essay Topics to Consider

In high school, you could get away with a ‘Why is the Ecological Footprint important essay?’ and be done with this assignment. But in college, you have to dig deeper and find new approaches to the issue. The easiest way to find the right topic for your essay is to consider one of the Global Footprint Network’s suggested solutions:

  1. Assess the impact the local authorities have on the biodiversity balance of your city, county, or state. Look into nearby manufacturing facilities, public transportation infrastructure, as well as waste management strategies. All these combine to create a biocapacity deficit or reserve and affect your surroundings daily. You can build essays on the ecological footprint around the existing practices in your community or those you’d like to be implemented.
  2. Energy consumption has an obvious impact on individual carbon footprint. You can weigh the percentage of renewable energy sources in your household energy balance. You can also calculate the impact of walking or biking to school instead of driving. Even something as small as a switch from incandescent to LED lightbulbs may result in a significant reduction of your carbon footprint.
  3. Review the effects of diet and food consumption on ecology. In your ecological footprint essay, you can take a deep dive into the energy requirements for growing different types of produce and processing meat. Food waste is another hot topic that calls for in-depth research and innovative solutions.
  4. Overpopulation management is an overlooked facet of the ecological footprint on a global, national, and personal level. Consider the biocapacity deficits of countries suffering from overpopulation and compare them to biocapacity reserves of the countries with a well-developed family planning support network.
  5. Look into ways of boosting biocapacity reserves through preserving natural resources and restoring ecosystems that have been harmed or destroyed throughout the last century. Reforestation efforts, recycling programs, and artificial coral reef installations are all solid examples you can be the focus of essays on ecological footprint.

Once you have a shortlist of possible topics, research is the next item on your to-do list. But don’t skip straight to googling the issue. Instead, check out our collection of paper samples. Among our entries, you’re sure to find an example of ecological footprint paper to tickle your imagination. Mine the samples for relevant sources, consider the thesis statements and core points, and borrow a transition or two. This preliminary work will save you hours in the long run, as you’ll just need to add a few personal touches to make the piece your own.

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