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Great Powers

Developed infrastructure, technical expertise, military capabilities, and adequate resources that enable them to exercise influence over other nation states on the global...
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Globalization in Global South Countries: Outline

Topic: Discuss with examples from the global south the Politics, power and governance in the era of globalization: Discuss with examples from the global South.1.0 Introdu...
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Conditions for the Existence of CISG

In the determination of the remedies available for the GCEI due to the delivery of the defective goods by the seller SEPE, it is imperative that the discussion first dete...
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International Supply Chain Management

International trade has been the leading factor that enhances the development of international integration. However, the international trade development is primarily controlled by the management of global logistics.
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The Future of Puerto Rico

Many years have passed with Puerto Ricans debating on the issue of whether the island should become a state or it should remain a territory of the United States. Due to d...
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Effects of Consumer Preferences on Foreign Sourced Products

Effects of Consumer Preferences on Foreign Sourced Products and Impact of Technology on International Business: A Case Study of ChinaA Final Thesis Presented To the Acade...
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European Refugee Crisis

Europe constantly faces the influx of refugees from third countries, but this event took a threatening character in recent months. The aggravation of this situation was a...
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Globalization Is Not Made in the West

Robbie Robertson in Globalization Is Not in the West discusses how globalization comes to our society and how it issues the challenge to expand and deepen democracy. Ro...
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New Development Bank Impact on the Global Development Financing

Chapter I1.1 IntroductionBefore the year 2000, developing countries had few options to turn for funding. The global development finance landscape was dominated by the Int...
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China and Hong Kong Cultural Differences. Guanxi Concept

I consent to RDIs free use including* online reproduction, including* electronically, and including adaptation for teaching and education activities of any whole or part...
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