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One of the most controversial topics is abortion. It is a matter of life and death. It is more difficult to handle because of the uncertainty surrounding its complications. The termination of a pregnancy is the removal of the embryo or fetus from the uterus.

One of the most popular methods to terminate a pregnancy is through abortions. It is the safest way to end a pregnancy by using medicine. Miscarriage is an abortion that happens without any medical intervention. It occurs in close to 30% to 50% of pregnancies. Unsafe abortions can cause maternal death. Therefore, it is safe to have clinical procedures.

The Key Aspects That Will Make Your Essay on Abortion Outstanding

Moral Arguments

The study of abortion ethics is most likely the most talked about topic. Moral arguments exist for both pro-choice and pro-life views on abortion, and you can thus explore both sides of the debate in your paper. These questions will help you to get started:

  • What is the ethical dilemma of abortion?
  • What does the application of different ethical theories to abortion show?
  • Should the unborn child's life be considered more important than the well-being of the mother, both physically and psychologically? Why or not?
  • What negative effects would an abortion ban have?

Women’s Rights

Many abortion essay topics have a connection to women's rights. Most feminists believe that abortion is linked to women's bodily autonomy and therefore legislators shouldn't limit access to safe abortions. The following are some examples of the relationship between abortion and women's rights:

  • What is the feminist argument for abortion?
  • Who should participate in the decision-making process regarding abortion?
  • Is it right to interpret abortion legislation as reproductive control, considering that the majority of legislators who make pro-life laws in this country are men?
  • What other gender issues are associated with abortion?
  • What is the best approach from a feminist perspective to the problem of high abortion rates?
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