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Essay Example: Social Factors of Canada Fishing

Canada boasts of one of the most vibrant and valuable fishing industry in the world. It is an industry that provides over 120,000 people with direct jobs, who catch over...
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2021-06-28 17:37:42

Comparative Geography of Two Municipalities Within British Columbia

The objective of the study is to evaluate which of the two municipalities I intend to settle in for the next 10 years and start a family has the suitable demographic para...
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2021-06-24 22:11:23

Essay Sample on Effects of Globalization to the Well-Being of Canada

Historically, Canadian policy has dallied between having close economic ties with the United States and other countries and keeping a safe distance. The economic ties are...
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2021-06-17 18:41:20

Essay on Norms and Values of Socialization in India and Canada

Culture is an acquired style of living. At birth children do not have any knowledge of their cultures nor do they have any influence on which culture they can emulate. Th...
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2021-04-21 07:19:49

Research Paper Example: Aboriginal People and Cultural Practices in Canada

The aborigines are the earliest inhabitants of Canada before it became a nation back in 1867. They can trace their roots to almost 300 years ago. Aboriginal people consis...
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2021-04-12 21:35:46

Sociology Essay Example: Aboriginal People in Canada

The Aboriginal rights refer to the practices, traditions, and customs that differentiates a unique culture of a first nation, and which were practiced before the contact...
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2021-04-12 01:38:17

Paper Example on Tuberculosis in Canada

Tuberculosis is a chronic disease caused by bacterium Mycobacterium. The disease is mainly spread through the air from person to person. The germs related to this diseas...
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2021-04-05 17:54:56

Mental Health Situation Analysis in Canada

The high prevalence of mental illnesses in Canada is a pervasive concern in Canada. Every year, many new cases of psychological illnesses are reported. Statistics from th...
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2021-03-30 06:13:06

Ottawa Tulip Festival and Its Cultural and Historical meaning. Essay Example

The Ottawa Tulip Festival refers to an event based on international integration that it represents the occasion in the mid-1940s where Princes Juliana of Netherlands pres...
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2021-03-29 14:53:16

Evolution in the Court's Jurisprudence in Canada: Law Essay Sample

For a long time, since the dawn of civilization, man has believed in the rule of law. Every independent nation across the word has some set of principles established with...
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2021-03-25 12:31:30