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Change of Budget: Combat Gears Inc

Combat Gears Inc had a budgeted amount of $1,500,000 which was initially placed before the commencement of the project. The refrigerated module being too large for the de...
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2021-03-01 17:01:59

Developing the Null and Alternative Hypothesis

H0: the two samples have the same meanH1: the two samples have two different meansThe t-statistic was then computed using the formulae:t=x-mSnThe tabulated t-value was de...
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2021-03-03 11:59:11

Correlation Between Family Income and Children's Number

Hnull: There is no significant linear relationship between annual family income and the respondents number of children at the 5% significance levelHalt: There is a signi...
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2021-03-03 18:18:42

Blending Quantitative and Qualitative Research

A researcher confronted with any type o research will be faced with only two research approaches to employ; a quantitative or a qualitative research approach. The kind an...
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2021-03-14 20:09:32

Gender and Income Correlation: Chi-Square Distribution

One of the greatest debates in the workplace is whether women are discriminated against in terms of pay as compared to their male colleagues. Traditionally, women have be...
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2021-03-14 12:57:09

Quantitative Methods

The main two types of research methods are qualitative and quantitative techniques. In that conjunction, Qualitative research generates data which is non- numerical as co...
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2021-05-17 23:49:58

Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods - Selecting a Research Approach

Collection and analysis of data can be accomplished through qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. This choice of the methods or approach of gathering and analyzing...
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2021-04-21 04:48:13

Essay on Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

The most common characteristic of quantitative data is that it is all expressed in numerical form, and it differs from qualitative in a similar sense that the latter is n...
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2021-06-24 06:36:13