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Deceptive Social Media Advertising of Pharmaceutical Products - Coursework Example

The explosion of social media has dramatically revolutionized the marketing of pharmaceutical products in the recent past. Social media platforms have progressively becom...
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2021-09-02 21:55:22

Change for Life and the Obesity Crisis - Social Marketing Paper

1. 'Social marketing moves beyond offering advice and seeks to solve the problem.' This is an important principle of the thinking behind Change 4 Life. Why does 'offering...
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2021-09-02 05:16:51

Essay Example on Sex Role Modeling in Marketing of Products for Children

The survey on the roles of sex in advertising has been of great concern from the society level to the marketing concerns. Criticisms from the society have become primaril...
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2021-09-01 19:25:59

Description of the Advert and How It Reached Me - Advertising Essay Example

This advert is a video compilation of is a Coca-Cola brand produced by Coca-Cola company which is a major brand in the world. This is the video link.
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2021-06-24 01:16:09

The Men vs. Women Challenge Campaign by Nike

The advertisement was basically based on several challenges that involved men pitted against women while using Nikes sporting gear. On viewing the advertisement the issu...
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2021-05-17 09:13:07

Coursework Example on Advertising Budget

We decided to spend more on advertising, so we allocated $24M to advertising in period 0-1. We targeted all the demographic targets such as young singles, mature families...
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2021-04-26 04:28:57

Analysis of Tesla Advert - Essay Example on Advertising

One of these days, you must have come across Tesla advertising campaigns. Tesla`s advertising mechanism is as unique as its marketing model. A unique thing regarding Tesl...
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2021-04-20 10:48:21

Research Paper Sample: The Psychology of Advertising

The print and electronic media are often designed to invoke an emotional sense in the listeners and readers. Businesses also construct their advertisements to represent n...
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2021-04-12 16:07:46

Essay Sample on Neuromarketing

Neuroscience and marketing have become two areas of professional applicability that work concurrently. However, the efforts that neuroscience contributes towards branding...
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2021-04-07 03:36:14

Essay Example: Analysis of the Coca-Cola Advertisement that Addresses the Issue of Multiculturalism

I selected the advertisement because the issue of multiculturalism and racism has become an issue of concern since the 2016 United States elections. The 2016 United State...
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2021-04-06 10:17:39