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Advertising Essay Examples and Topics

Advertising is a cross between an art form and a ruthless business tool. It helps billion-dollar companies make even more money and keeps mom-and-pop corner shops in business. Over the last century and a half, advertising went from full-page stories in magazines to posts in your Instagram feed. And as new types of media keep on coming, advertising remains ever-changing, and the diminishing attention span pushes marketers to come up with creative ways to grab attention and manipulate buyers. So as long as the world keeps spinning, essays on advertisement will remain relevant and exciting.

Choosing the Right One Among Advertisement Essay Topics

If you’re pumped about advertising, you can squeeze an essay about it into almost any class if you play around with the wording of the topic. Here are some ideas for a variety of classes, from Economics and Business to Psychology and Gender Studies:

  • Advertising evolution. Pick a brand or a product, follow the ad changes over the years and find the causes and effects of those alterations.
  • Product placement. Consider the ways TV shows and movies promote certain products and the effectiveness of this approach.
  • Ad analysis essay topics. You can choose the coolest commercial and explain what makes it so effective for a particular target audience.
  • The dark side of advertising. Discuss anything from body image issues among teenagers to drug and alcohol promotion and the intrusive nature of modern marketing practices.
  • Political advertisements. Look at the US and foreign presidential and parliamentary campaigns and consider their strongest and weakest points.
  • Behavioral economics. Research the psychological processes that define human response to advertisements.
  • Estimate a marketing budget. Assess different media, evaluate their effectiveness and find the most cost-efficient approach for a particular brand or product.

Make sure the exact wording of your topics fits the assignment. For example, a research paper should have a broader research question than a 5-paragraph informative essay. Check with your TA or professor if you’re not sure the topic you think of is good enough.

Advertisement Essay Topics Ideas

  1. Research Paper Sample: The Psychology of Advertising
  2. Analysis of Tesla Advert - Essay Example on Advertising
  3. Coursework Example on Advertising Budget
  4. Paper Example on Programmatic Advertising: Real-Time Marketing
  5. Dove's Advertising Campaign Critical Essay
  6. Rhetorical Analysis: Blink Fitness Body Positive Advertisement
  7. Description of the Advert and How It Reached Me - Advertising Essay Example
  8. Women as Sexual Objects in Advertising Products Essay
  9. Essay Sample on Impacts of Advertisements from User's Point of View
  10. Cadbury Company Advertisements Analysis Essay

How to Use Advertisement Essay Examples

We’ve collected an array of essays on ads to make your college life easier. They are here as inspiration and writing guides. To stay on the safe side, don’t try to submit any of these papers as your own. It’s a sure way to raise red flags during a plagiarism check and get into a world of trouble.

Instead, browse the samples, check out the topics and the reference lists to come up with an idea of your own. You can use the sources cited in these papers as a starting point for your research. And you can certainly mimic the structure and arguments you find within our samples.

If you can’t make heads or tails of the advertisement research, or the time is running out on you, don’t hesitate to ask for help. We can do it all: from writing the whole thing from scratch in time for the submission deadline to weeding out mistakes and typos in the essay you write. So get in touch, and we’ll find the right advertising expert to help you ace this assignment.

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