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The psychoactive drug marijuana, also known by its common name, is made from the plant of cannabis and can be used for both recreational and medical purposes. While marijuana is illegal in certain countries, it's legal in many other countries. You might consider focusing on the pros and disadvantages of legalizing marijuana in your essay. You can also discuss marijuana dependence. Another option is to compare marijuana laws across different states. You can also discuss the business side of the matter.

Our article can help you write an argumentative, descriptive or cause and effect essay. This article contains information about marijuana that you can research and write about. These topics can be used for papers, speeches, and any other assignment. To inspire you, we have included the best marijuana essay examples.


✅ Which countries have legalized marijuana use?

Only a handful of countries, such as Canada, Georgia and Uruguay, have legalized marijuana. The majority of the USA states have legalized marijuana.

✅ What countries can a doctor authorize marijuana use?

It is legal to possess marijuana in Australia and some South American countries like Brazil.

✅ Is there a place where THC can be found in marijuana plants?

The buds and the dried flowery parts contain the majority of THC. The THC compound travels from the bloodstream to the brains, and other parts of the body.

✅ What are the negative effects of marijuana on the brain?

Memory loss can result from long-term marijuana use. The cerebellum is affected by marijuana and can cause a loss of balance. High doses of marijuana can lead to depression.

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