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This example essay on illegal immigration will help you to understand the various parts of an essay of this type. It examines possible topics related to illegal migration, various essay titles that might catch the reader's attention, a sample outline for how to structure an essay, an introduction to a paper on illegal immigrants, an essay hook that keeps the reader engaged in the paper, and a possible thesis statement.

  1. A definition of illegal immigration
  2. The pros and cons of illegal migration
  3. Three arguments to support illegal immigration
  4. Arguments against illegal immigration
  5. Statistics on illegal immigration

This article concludes with a list of resources that you might use to get more information.

Pros and Cons of Illegal Immigration

The pros and cons of illegal immigration depend on how you view the situation. They can be a cost-saving tool for many businesses, as they offer cheap labor. They don't pay taxes, which robs the country of a vital revenue source. We will be looking at some of these issues in this essay on illegal immigration. The United States is currently home to 7-12 million illegal immigrants. Most of these are Hispanics and Mexicans.

They have access to education, welfare, and sometimes unemployment compensation from the government. Employers also take advantage of them because they don't have any valid documentation and cannot complain about low wages. They do not need language skills, making it easier for immigrants to find employment. They work in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Mechanical
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