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Free Self Awareness Essay Topics & Examples

A self awareness essay is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Still, it is an exciting assignment you can rock if you put enough elbow grease into it. Besides, you might glean a handful of actionable insights to make you a better person, student, and professional.

So what is an example of self awareness? It can be as simple as seeing your reflection in the mirror or understanding how the people around you perceive your actions or personality. Moreover, recent studies demonstrate that two levels of self-awareness exist: internal and external. The former can be achieved through introspection and understanding of your values and goals, passionate pursuits and emotions, and your impact on the world and people in it. External self-awareness deals with the same factors as perceived by others. 

Depending on the combination of the levels of internal and external self-awareness, scientists divide people into four groups:

  1. Seekers have no idea who they are or how others perceive them, so they usually suffer constant frustration at work and in relationships.
  2. Pleasers often ignore their personal goals and passions in favor of forming a positive outward impression.
  3. Introspectors believe their understanding of themselves is perfect, so they ignore outside feedback and don’t care about the impressions they make.
  4. Aware people combine a solid understanding of self with effective use of others’ opinions to achieve goals and promote self-growth.

You can take the easy route and dedicate your self awareness paper to the latest research and compare the findings of different studies. You can also contrast the characteristics of the four awareness types and find examples of such behavior among your acquaintances, celebrities, literature or film characters. The latter categories would make perfect essays on self awareness for Literature or Art classes.

Self Awareness Essay Examples

More Self Awareness Essay Topics to Consider

Psychology may seem the obvious choice of a class for a self awareness paper, and it does come with plenty of research and issues for you to cover. You can discuss anything from the origins of the definition to the factors affecting self-awareness. However, other courses may be open to essay topics related to self awareness:

  • For your Business class, consider the relationship between self-awareness and the key performance indicators of a leader and their team.
  • For the Neurobiology course, study the brain areas responsible for internal and external self-awareness and compare and contrast the differences.
  • For Nursing classes, the topics to write about can range from the early-childhood development of self-awareness in babies to coma patients’ awareness level.
  • For Management courses, consider the relationship between work experience and self-awareness among managers at different levels.

Whichever of these self awareness topics you choose to pursue, remember that settling on the research issue is only step one on the long road to the completed assignment. Next, you need to take a plunge into recent publications, outline your paper and take copious notes to incorporate into the structure. And even then, you’re barely halfway to the finish line. Writing the first sentence and paragraph is an insurmountable obstacle of its own. And when editing and proofreading time comes around, you’re already out of energy and time to get your submission ready before the deadline. In the end, despite all your hard work and wasted time, you’re faced with a disappointment of a grade.

Of course, there are easier ways to go about this task. Instead of wasting time on Wikipedia and the library, start by finding a picture-perfect example of self awareness essay in our database. Use it as a template for your outline and a source of credible references, and you’re already halfway done. Make use of major points, supporting evidence, and transitions and your writing will go twice as fast. That will leave you with more time to put on the finishing touches and make your paper presentable as ever, earning you praise and a higher grade.

If neither of the options above works for you because you’re all out of time, consider delegating the whole task to a professional. Our experts have written dozens of self awareness essays for various classes and schools, so they can handle whatever topic you throw at them. All you need to do is fill in the order form, and we’ll get the writer on your case within minutes. Even if you only have a few days before the submission deadline, our experts will deliver your paper on time to secure a top grade for you.

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