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English Essay Examples

Every college student knows how important it is to study English in today's world. Many of the modern rules of this language originated centuries ago. Thanks to the King James Bible and the Great Vowel Shift, English began to acquire its modern format. As a student, you will be writing academic papers on various aspects of English.

What if you need to do a term paper about English diphthongs or other language aspects? Without prior experience and relevant skills, it will be difficult for you to cope with such a task. But how about samples? These are essay examples written by other students at various periods. Now you can significantly save your time since these English essay examples can be used as a basis for writing your paper.

English Essay Free Samples

  1. Addressing Problems of the ESL Students
  2. Can the Bible Be Useful for Learning Punctuation Rules? Essay Example
  3. Education Essay Sample: A Farewell Party for EFL and ESL Students
  4. English - Teaching Language Use in Context
  5. Essay Sample on General English
  6. Figurative Language in the Novel Sweat by Zora Hurston - A Literary Essay Sample
  7. Lesson Plan and Grading Rubric for ELL
  8. Personal Reflection on English 101 Course
  9. Problems and Solutions Experienced by English as Second Language Learners
  10. Thesis Example on English: Taboo Language, Swearing and Cursing

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