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What Is Autobiographical Essay?

An autobiographical essay describes a written account of a person's life, usually in the first-person, and often, but not always, by them. Find out more about autobiographical essays and the guidelines that are used to create them. Also, discover some of the most famous examples of concise storytelling.

An autobiography, unlike a biography which tells the whole story of someone's life, is a concentrated account of a writer’s life from his or her point of view. Nonfiction includes autobiographies.

Autobiographical Essay Example



Autobiographical Essay Writing

All your information, including real name, birth date, siblings, hometown, parents, etc. as your introduction. Next, your body should contain the most important events from your life in a sequential order. As a final touch, you might add personal remarks, such as your hopes and dreams for the future, or the lessons you have learned from the difficulties you faced.

Writing Guidelines

There are three main criteria you should keep in mind when writing an autobiographical essay for class or publication.

First, an essay is much shorter than a novel. Focus on one area of your life (e.g., a job, family, or the death of a loved-one) and get into it. The essay can be used to admit your mistakes and share what you've learned.

The second is to keep your writing focused and clear. Only include the essential details that are relevant to your story. If you are writing about your marriage, don't go off on tangents about your childhood pet.

Remember, third, that even though your essay is based on true events, it should still be written like a story. Begin with a hooky introduction, then develop your characters and plot. End with an ending that makes readers think.

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