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Biological Sex

Most people assume biological sex to be binary, but this is not usually the case. In animals there are different species, which change sex regularly (Aylor, & Dainton...
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2021-03-04 11:43:07

Sexual Abuse by Peacekeepers in the Central African Republic

The article elaborates the increased incidences of sexual abuse perpetrated by the European Union Peacekeepers who are in the Central African Republic. A reported tabled...
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2021-03-08 15:45:21

Gender Identity: Rebuttal

For this rebuttal argument paper, the selected topic is gender identity. According to the article titled Transgender People Suffer from Gender Identity Disorders, argues...
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2021-03-09 14:28:02

Gender Practices

In many cultures, there are only two genders recognized, these are male and female. Every member of the society is expected to belong to either of these genders. The gend...
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2021-03-09 17:12:36

Same-Sex Marriage

The issue of same-sex marriage has raised concern all over the world. People believe that a normal human being should be attracted to the opposite sex. However, the new c...
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2021-03-10 22:24:46

Sexual Assault in Colleges

Sexual assault and rape cases are issues that many people around the globe face. However, the most recent cases of similar problems have marred various universities and c...
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2021-03-13 09:14:26

Introduction to Prostitution

The term prostitution is used to describe the acts of engaging in sexual activities or services for beneficial gains such as money. The prostitution industry has grown to...
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2021-03-14 14:05:30

Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation

Gender is a basis that determines the sociocultural characteristics and traits that are taken to be appropriate for males or females; it defines the different contributio...
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2021-03-15 06:32:22


The issue of having a transgender identity has come of age. Certain individuals in the society tend to be associated with both personalities of being male and female. In...
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2021-03-15 06:04:05

Sex Education Among the Youth - Essay Example

Making choices is an important part of our lives, and everything we do is dependent on the choices we make. Whether to engage in sexual activities or not is a choice that...
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2021-03-29 06:35:50