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A personal essay is a piece that describes a lesson learned from the writer's own life experiences. An essay often describes an important event in the first person. It can be written in a variety of writing styles such as a formal essay or creative nonfiction. Personal essays are written in a casual tone to build rapport with the reader. This essay can be inspiring or uplifting. It can also serve to warn others about the author's mistakes.

There are many topics for personal essays. These could include the first test you failed in high school, the death of a family member, the moral turning point you experienced during adolescence or the impact that a professor had on your view of literature. You can write about any moment in your life that has influenced or sparked growth. Your personal opinion will enrich the essay.

Personal Essay Writing Tips

  • You can get an idea of the genre by reading carefully crafted personal essays. Many personal essays are taught in academia. These include "Notes of a Native Son", "The Death of a Moth" and "Shipping Out" by David Foster Wallace. "The White Album" is Joan Didion. "We Do Abortions here" is Sallie Tisdale.
  • As you look at the examples, ask yourself questions such as: How did the writer introduce their topic? What is the author's personal view on the subject? What are the main themes of the essay? How does the writer link their personal experiences to a common theme or idea? What is the best way to use humor and wit in an essay? What is the conclusion of the essay's moral? Is the essay concluding with a moral?


✅ What are the 5 elements of a personal essay?

Although personal essays come in many forms, there are generally five main elements. Personal essays typically have five elements: a strong opening hook; an interesting story; interesting characters; an absorbing setting; and an ending or conclusion.

✅ How do you write a personal essay?

You can write a personal essay in a five-paragraph format. However, you can also be creative. All personal essays share a common feature: they focus on a personal story and how it shaped the writer's life.

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