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The Great Gatsby Essay Examples and Topics

The world has seen about a billion essays about The Great Gatsby. Of course, it’s easy to see why. The Great Gatsby is a classical novel celebrated in the US and the world. It’s also the most popular book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. His novels and short stories stood the test of time. Now, this is exactly why thousands of students write essays on his works every year. 

Of course, among those works, The Great Gatsby always takes a special place. It’s not only the most well-known novel by this author. It’s also been the most controversial, revealing, and puzzling book of Fitzgerald’s generation. It has a lot of themes to unravel. Hence, this fact alone makes it a perfect book for essay writing. Let’s see what topics you can cover when writing about The Great Gatsby

Best Essay Topics for The Great Gatsby

The possibilities for The Great Gatsby paper topics are practically limitless. It covers so many valuable and essential themes of its time. The beginning of the 20th century is famous for breaking social changes that swept across the world. Of course, many of those changes took place in the States. Thus, you can pick one of those important societal shifts and see how Scott Fitzgerald depicted them in his novel. 

For example, you can write about the changes in socio-economics. The dynamics in socio-economic classes were shifting rapidly at the time. Those who stood on the top of the Upper-Class started to give in when the new rich were coming into power. The example of Gatsby himself shows such a social shift in great detail. Yet, no matter how hard he tried to fit in, though, he was always the outsider. So, for example, you can cover the role of money and a sense of belonging in Upper-Class society. It can be a great topic to explore. 

Next, you can cover the gender dynamic and women’s liberation. Of course, those times weren’t exactly the raging feminist period that followed soon. Yet, the 1920s and early 1930s set the foundation for the future power equal rights movement of the 1940s. Thus, in a paper, you can analyze three main female characters. For example, you can define whether they were subjected to the gender norms of the time and how. 

Another great theme of the book is the idea of love. Of course, love is what this whole book is all about at first glance. Sure, the plot goes deeper than that. Yet, in the book, love stands as the essence of everything that’s happening to the main characters. People can speak about love for hours. The hardest part here would be fitting into your word count. Also, try to find an original angle. For instance, the influence of socio-economic class on the idea of love or the role of marriage in romanticism. Ideas like that will make excellent Great Gatsby essay topics.

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