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Free Identity Theft Essay Topics & Examples 

While identity theft statistics demonstrate a comforting decline since the early 2000s, the real numbers are often impossible to estimate. However, experts presume them to exceed the statistics by several levels of magnitude. Considering the ever-advancing digitization and the steady rise in the number of security breaches, it is safe to say that losing track of personal data and becoming the victim of identity theft is likelier than ever.

How can identity theft impact your life? In most cases, you will start receiving credit card bills for products you did not purchase. This may negatively affect your credit history. The same is true for medical identity theft, where perpetrators use stolen Medicaid IDs to cover their medical expenses. The worst-case scenario includes prosecution for the crimes you did not commit if your impersonator becomes involved in a crime.

So while identity theft essays may not be the most exciting or glamorous of college assignments, they provide ample opportunity for research that might end up useful in case you become a victim of such a crime. Still, personal repercussions are not the only thing you can learn about identity fraud. To help you jump off the beaten track and find new angles for your paper, we’ve come up with a list of essay topics related to identity theft. Use them to tickle your imagination and alter them to better fit your class and assignment prompt.

Examples of Identity Theft Papers

Creative Identity Theft Essay Topics and Ideas

You can use any of the five ideas below as they are. However, we urge you to twist and alter them until they fit your assignment parameters better. And remember to narrow down the research scope to a manageable scale, or you’ll get buried under a pile of relevant sources:

  1. Research and evaluate the most common methods of stealing personal and financial data. In your identity theft essay, you can focus the narration on the aspects of the crime most relevant to your class or major. For example, IT majors can concentrate on digital breaches, while Nursing students can look into ways of stealing personal information of children and senior citizens.
  2. Go over the reliable indications of a stolen identity. You can make this a case study by researching a single example of identity fraud, or you can turn it into an identity theft research paper comparing and evaluating different indicators.
  3. Study the ways organizations neglect to protect personal information of their clients and employees. You can make this into a piece on bad practices for your Business and Management class. Alternatively, you can offer efficient personal data protection safeguards.
  4. Take a deep dive into the black market of buying and selling stolen personal information. Essays on identity theft can cover the ways the data increases in value and how much damage it can do to a victim in the wrong hands. Depending on the assignment type, you can turn this piece into a short story, a case study, a research paper, or even a scientific article on identity theft.
  5. Consider the careful balance between making online services easy to use and the risk of exposing personal data to potential security breaches. Evaluate the most efficient ways of protecting data and overview the limitations that prevent their broad adoption.

What’s the next step after choosing the topic? It’s neither writing nor research. Instead, you need to find an example of identity theft essay or ten to better understand the topic and what’s expected of you. Reading the works of others is a great way to get the ball rolling, especially if you’re a serial procrastinator. Use the samples in our collection to wrap your head around the issue and borrow a few helpful tidbits of information. Reference lists are always a good place to start looking for credible sources, and reading through the introductions and conclusions should give you a good idea of how to structure your paper and what issues to focus on.

If you’re still unsure you can handle essays on identity theft, professional help is the way to go. You can get an experienced proofreader or editor to polish your writing or hire an academic writer to craft the whole thing from scratch. Either way, you’re in for a treat if you stick with our experts. 


What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft refers to a crime where an imposter gains personal information such as Social Security numbers and credit card numbers.

Where Can I Find Identity Theft Essay Samples? has a variety of sample essays on identity theft that will help you better understand the topic.

What Topics Are Covered in the Identity Theft Essay Samples?

Identity theft essay samples will cover the following topics: The methods criminals use to commit identity theft; the types of identity theft; the consequences of theft; the ways to protect yourself against identity theft; and the legal recourse available for victims of identity fraud.

Are the Identity Theft Essay Samples Written by Experts?

Yes, the identity theft essay samples are written by experts.

What Can I Learn From Reading the Identity Theft Essay Samples?

From reading the identity theft essay samples, you can learn about the various types of identity theft, the methods criminals use to commit identity theft, how identity theft can affect victims, and how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. You will also learn about the legal consequences of identity theft, how to respond if you become a victim, and the importance of reporting identity theft.

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