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Free Freudian Theory Essay Topics & Examples 

Sigmund Freud is a controversial personality. On the one hand, he is considered the father of psychotherapy and one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. On the other hand, Time Magazine called him ‘history’s most debunked doctor’. Still, while Freud’s psychoanalytic theory may not be universally accepted or actionable, learning more about the renowned doctor and his methods can be an intriguing academic exercise. Besides, writing a Freudian theory essay is never boring, whether you agree with his theories or not. 

Oedipus complex, phallic fixation, penis envy, superego - these are just a few examples of Freud’s contributions to the psychology theory. After a century, some of his theories seem outlandish and weird. Still, you should always remember he was among the field’s pioneers and heavily influenced by the social mores of the late 19th century. So try to remain objective and don’t turn your academic paper into a rant about all the things Freud got wrong. If you don’t think you can handle that, consider choosing a different topic for your paper.

Essay Examples on Freudian Theory 

Excellent Freud’s Theory Topics for Your Papers

No college professor will ever give you an A for a list of Freud’s theories or opinions submitted in place of a proper essay. There’s no way you can sum up his life’s work on a handful of pages. Instead, you need to choose the one issue that fascinates you most and build a paper around it. To help you choose, we’ve developed a handful of essay topics related to Freud’s theory. Don’t be shy about adapting and tweaking our ideas to fit your assignment requirements:

  1. Freud’s theories that are still in use in modern psychotherapy. Instead of choosing the easy route of criticizing the doctor, make your Sigmund Freud psychoanalytic theory essay an overview of the things that are still left unscathed. These may range from the existence of subconsciousness to talk therapy or defense mechanisms.
  2. The roots of penis envy theory and its subsequent criticism. While there are plenty of essays on Freud’s theory of women’s sexuality, you can add a personal twist to the narrative. Consider Freud’s familial ties and relationships with women that affected his ideas of female psyche and sexuality.
  3. The efficiency of psychoanalysis for treating psychological conditions and disorders. Freud believed that talking therapy was ideal for bringing unconscious issues into the conscious mind to achieve emotional catharsis and relieve psychological stress. Compare his methods with modern-day counseling best practices and highlight the similarities and disparities.
  4. Freud’s influence on his psychology successors. You don’t have to stick to the same old narrative of traditional essays on Sigmund Freud and focus solely on his theories, especially if you can’t be objective about his attitudes towards women or religion. Instead, focus on the psychologists that followed and how they adopted, disproved, or changed Freud’s theories and his psychotherapy approach.
  5. Freud’s dream analysis and the current views on the roots of dreaming. Throughout his therapy sessions, Freud used the dream’s latent content to incite associations in the clients. In one of your Freudian theory essays, contrast Freud’s view of dreaming with the latest research and analyze the efficiency of dream interpretation as a psychotherapy technique.

Sigmund Freud spurred the development of psychology in many ways, even if some of his theories were later disputed by his students and even his daughter. To make sense of the complex subject and an even more complex personality, check out an example of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory paper or two in our collection. They should give you a better idea of how to handle this subject. Who knows, you might even find a couple of useful sources or a clever idea or two you can borrow for your assignment.

The trouble is, making sense of Freud’s legacy is a mind-numbing endeavor at the best of times. And when you’re sleep-deprived, exhausted, and running on fumes, reading Freud and analyzing his faults and achievements is the last thing you need. When time is running low, do not give up or try to handle the task on your own. Instead, seek professional help. The same way psychologists and therapists help people deal with their emotional and mental issues, our professional writers help students overcome school hurdles. Whether you have 6 hours or a week before the deadline, we can deliver a flawless essay that checks every box on your professor’s long list of requirements. Reach out to our support team, and they’ll tell you more. 

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