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What Was the Great Depression Caused By?

The Great Depression is one the most devastating economic events in American and world history. It caused high unemployment, crashed the markets, and destroyed the economy. Millions of Americans had to work for it.

The Depression saw stock markets crash, which had a devastating effect on all economic sectors. Money was depreciated, prices rose, banks and other enterprises were affected, and many companies went bankrupt. The short-term destruction of the economy resulted from actions and events that were held by the government to influence the economic system.

The Great Depression: Background

The empowering of government participation in the economy and the daily life of society was the cause of the beginning of the Depression. It was a time of great despair and huge crash. Depression caused people to forget the wealth, growth, and prosperity of the previous decade and faced new, economically unfair living and business conditions.

Historical facts

  • The Great Depression's time frames: 1929-1939
  • This is the longest and strongest period of Depression that the West has ever seen.
  • Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929 was the day that marked the beginning of the Depression. This was the final day of the stock market crash and it officially began the Depression period.
  • The Depression began in the USA and influenced nearly every country around the globe. It caused a dramatic decline in production, materials consumption, and distribution volumes, which slowed economic growth, increased the unemployment rate, and so on.

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