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Entrepreneurship Essay Examples and Topics

A quick Google search returns vastly varying descriptions of entrepreneurship, but they share a few similarities to help you get the hang of the topic. Most academics agree that entrepreneurism deals with creating a new business, embracing risks and delivering value. Others include leadership qualities, teamwork and innovation among the key traits of an entrepreneur. 

Considering the diverse opinions and the shift towards startup and gig economy, an essay on entrepreneurship is more relevant than ever. Besides, it’s suitable for almost any class or discipline. Check out the topic ideas below to see whether this issue will work for you.

Making Sense of Entrepreneur Essay Topics

Entrepreneurism is a vast field of study, and you can take your paper in any direction. But, when you do, make sure you read the assignment requirements carefully and talk to your professor to make sure they approve of the topic you settle on. Here are a few ideas to get you started if you don’t know how to tailor research topics about entrepreneurship to your class:

  • For a Business class, you can do a case study, research a successful business and analyze the reasons for success or the best practices. Failed startups are also a great option for a case study.
  • If you take a Psychology class, consider the character traits that set business founders aside from their employees or talk about the psychological challenges of running a business, the most common mental conditions venturers suffer.
  • For your Gender Studies course, look at the number of male and female enterprise founders, compare their success rates, funding, income, and long-term prospects.
  • If you want to impress your History professor, research the origins of entrepreneurism or contrast the enterprises of different centuries and their production, marketing or supply chain best practices.
  • You can even write about entrepreneurial ventures for your Philosophy class if you consider how different philosophy schools weave entrepreneurism into their notions about the purpose of human life or the foundation of society and civilization.

Check out the samples on this page for various essay topics that cover all aspects of entrepreneurism and stay on the lookout for ways to adapt them to your needs.

Entrepreneurship Essay Topics Ideas

  1. The Importance of Youth Entrepreneurship Essay
  2. Research Paper on Social Entrepreneurship
  3. Reflection on Personal and Entrepreneurial Developments Essay
  4. Chinese Entrepreneurship and Innovation Essay Example
  5. Paper Example on Entrepreneurship
  6. The Entrepreneurial Economy Book Review Paper Example
  7. Institutional Entrepreneurship, Service Innovation and Operation Management of Service-Oriented Government in China
  8. Article Summary: Entrepreneurship in American History
  9. Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index Methodology Analysis of Switzerland
  10. Definition of Entrepreneurial Opportunity and Innovation Paper Example

Using the Entrepreneurship Essay Examples

Even if you deem yourself a risk-taker, do not turn in any of our samples as your work. Even a cursory plagiarism check will show your professor the piece came from our database, and you’ll get in trouble.

So what can you do with a sample essay on entrepreneurship? For one, use it to come up with a great topic for your work. You can twist the wording, combine two or more issues, or go in an opposite direction. Either way, it’s easier when you’ve got a starting point. For another, check out the reference section to collect the first handful of sources you can use in your work. Besides, you can break down an essay into an outline to help you organize your ideas into a cohesive and logical narration.

The only thing our samples can’t do is buy you more time. If you have mere days before the submission deadline, you might need backup. That’s where our professional writers come in. Reach out, and they’ll help you complete your entrepreneurism assignment on time!

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