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Free Medical Ethics Essay Topics & Examples

Doctors often find themselves in a unique position of holding power to affect others’ lives. Timely treatment can save a person’s life, and a well-meaning lie can provide peace of mind for a patient with a terminal illness. The physicians also possess an overwhelming authority over their patients, leading to a temptation to abuse this power. Considering the potential repercussions of the doctor’s unethical behavior, it’s no wonder ethical issues in healthcare remain such a hot topic for students and journalists alike. 

Writing a medical ethics essay is a challenge for many reasons. For one, multiple ethics concepts are equally acceptable and commonplace despite their different approaches to solving ethical conflicts. For another, most ethical tenets remain unchanging, but some are ever-evolving, which may cause confusion when you research available sources. Finally, it may be impossible to keep essays on medical ethics unbiased, especially if you’ve ever found yourself on the other side of a medic’s decision-making. 

Even selecting a research question for your assignment can take too long, with so many possibilities available. To help you speed up this stage of the writing process, we’ve compiled a list of essay topics related to medical ethics. Feel free to tweak them until your chosen topic fits your professor’s requirements and your idea of a perfect essay title.

Essay Examples on Medical Ethics

Our Shortlist of Unbeatable Medical Ethics Topics

Euthanasia and abortion are the most common healthcare morality issues students discuss in their essays. But if you loathe mediocrity and wish your medical ethics essays to stand out and draw the professor’s attention and praise, you need to look beyond the standard fare and into hot, controversial issues. Below you’ll find our shortlist of relevant research fields that should ignite the spark of inspiration for you:

  1. The thin line between futility and non-maleficence. Consider the moral considerations of medical treatments with little to no chance of helping a terminal patient. Take a closer look at the conflict between the family’s wishes for advanced treatment and the drive to avoid futility. Cases where the patient is unable to make a decision deserve an article on healthcare ethics of their own.
  2. Different flavors of the conflict of interest and how they affect a doctor’s medical judgment. You can look into the issues surrounding medics treating their family members and the inherent dangers. Or you could research the rate of sexual doctor-patient relationships for a research paper or a case study. Consider the morality of one sexual partner holding power over the other’s life and health.
  3. The ethical conflicts inherent in gene-editing technology. The adoption of CRISPR and other genetic manipulation advances raises multiple moral issues that would be great for a medical ethics research paper, essay, or case study. The research is still spotty, so you will have more luck with a persuasive paper than an informative or argumentative one.
  4. The benefits and downsides to patient-physician privilege. Discuss the cases where a doctor is required to share the patient’s personal information with authorities or the court. You can also examine the breaches of patient confidentiality caused by online discussion boards and healthcare platforms.

Suppose you’ve settled on a topic. Where do you go from there? You could head straight to the library or google the issue to get a rough idea of the possibilities. But it’s much more efficient to start by looking at an example of medical ethics essay from our collection. This way, you kill two birds with one stone. You get a feeling of the topic by reading another’s take on it, and you collect useful resources along the way. These may include anything from a clever turn of phrase to a handful of entries on a reference list. And it will save you hours in the long run!

And what do you do if you’re put off writing essays on the medical ethics issues for too long and have no time left to finish the paper in time for submission? You’ve got two options. Either admit failure and lose points off your term grade or seek help. If you want to keep your GPA intact, let our professional writers take over this assignment for you. We can get it done in under 24 hours and save you the humiliation of asking for grace time. All you have to do is get in touch, and our support managers will take care of the rest.

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