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Free Consumerism Essay Examples

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Free Consumerism Essay Topics & Examples

The increasing consumerism has become one of the major issues of the 21 century that exacerbates other problems, like environmental pollution and global warming. Therefore, writing an essay on consumerism is not exclusive to Economy or Sociology classes. Below, you’ll find topics suited for various courses and a few tips to make your writing faster and more efficient. 

But first, let’s get semantics out of the way. What is an example of consumerism today exactly? Fast fashion is one; department stores and hypermarkets are another. The former promotes the shift from biannual clothes lineups to a weekly release of new outfits. Clothing manufacturers promote overconsumption by making buyers believe they will become unfashionable or untrendy without following the latest fad. And department stores transformed shopping from a chore to a leisure activity that allows people to spend all their money in one place and buy everything from food to car parts without leaving the comfort of a big box store.

Consumerism Essay Examples

  1. Dangerous Consumption: Is the Consumer or the Company to Blame?
  2. Sociology Essay Example: Consumerism in Society
  3. In the Defense of Consumerism Versus the Creation of Discontent 
  4. The Influence of Branding on Consumers
  5. The Impact of Online Reviews on Consumer Decision-Making
  6. Consumer Ethnocentrism Among Youthful Indians

Consumerism Essay Topics for Any Class

Suppose you’re fascinated by the concept of consumerism and want to share your knowledge and research with your professor and peers. In that case, you can showcase your achievements across any number of courses:

  • In History class, demonstrate the differences between the current state of affairs and the initial emergence of consumer society in the middle of the 1700s. You can explain the similarities and differences to make your point stronger.
  • For your Marketing track, research the marketing and sales managers’ strategies to sell the things people don’t need. You can write a case study on Steve Job’s era of Apple’s approach to ads or choose another company renowned for its ability to sell products by the million.
  • For Sociology majors, there are numerous consumerism essays avenues. For instance, you can describe how overconsumption intensifies class division or how people form new groups or castes based on their ownership of similar items (think iOS and Android smartphone owners).
  • If you’re on a STEM track, you can still cover consumerism topics. For example, think of planned obsolescence that ensures the products have a limited lifetime or use to ensure buyers come back for a replacement. You can research how the limitations are designed, calculated, and implemented across your industry.
  • For Psychology, Neurobiology, and Medicine students, the addictive nature of shopping and consumption makes for excellent essay topics related to consumerism. You can study the changes in brain chemistry and the effects of a ‘shopping detox’ on compulsive buyers.
  • Environmental studies and Ecology are perfect classes to discuss the negative impact of consumerism on the world around us. The topics may include the water requirements for producing cotton for fast fashion or the lack of recycling efforts among clothing brands. 
  • If you’re in an Economics or Geography course, compare the EU and America consumerism with the level of consumption in third-world countries. You can research the most wasteful expenses or the number of consumer loans.

Once you choose the topic comes the hard part of writing a paper. At first, research and note-taking is the name of the game. You need to find as much credible info as possible. That can be challenging, as most manufacturers and media rely on overconsumption to stay afloat, so unbiased research is hard to come by. And corralling the facts you locate into a cohesive piece is another challenge. The final step of editing and proofreading the essay is nearly impossible to get right on the first try, but most students do not have the time or the patience for meticulous finishing touches. Results are usually equally disappointing for professors and students.

Using a solid consumerism essay example as a starting point is a more efficient approach to completing assignments. It’s your chance to glean helpful information and a list of references to use. And along the way, you can adapt the structure to fit your idea better and alter the core points to coincide with your narration. Starting with an example of consumerism essays will make writing twice as fast, so you’ll have more time for formatting, proofreading, and editing.

But if the deadline is merely days away, and you have no clue where to start, no sample consumerism paper will be enough to secure a good grade for you. In this scenario, only a professional writer can save you from failure. So reach out to our experts, and get your essay finished well before the submission deadline. The sooner you place your order, the better!

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