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Mythology Essay Examples and Topics

Humanity has tried to explain the unexplainable since the dawn of civilization. The stories about the nature of lighting and volcano eruptions, the evil omens and good spirits were passed from father to son for generations. The creation of the world is an example of a myth present in every culture, regardless of its origin and specifics. 

The myths were a way to keep the people calm and under the rulers' control and an important cultural inheritance that united people around the common values. And even though science has explained many mythological phenomena, people are still seduced by the idea of the unknown and fond of urban myths. So mythology isn’t likely to become irrelevant any time soon, and it’s still a good choice for a high school or college paper. 

Experiment With Mythology Essay Topics

At first glance, essays on mythology seem outdated and stale. What can you write about Hercules or Genies that Disney hasn’t animated yet? But if you look outside the box, you’ll find creative ways to weave mythology into nearly any assignment type and class. To get you started, check out our ideas:

  1. Research local urban myths for your Sociology class. Follow the myths to their roots and find out when and where they were created. Find a suitable comparison in ancient mythology.
  2. Consider the close ties between mythology and religion for your Theology class. Explore the aspects that differentiate Christianity or Islam from the beliefs of old.
  3. Study the most common references to Greek or Roman mythology in movies, books and other media for your Art class. Theorize why creators return to certain characters over and over again.
  4. You can even explain the legal implications of referencing mythological characters in commercial products for your Law courses. Consider the intellectual rights angle for widely used characters, like Hercules.

The list of options goes on. You can put a business or a political twist onto the mythological or even research scientific aspects of myth. The only drawback is that you might be hard-pressed to find a use for mythology research for hard sciences. 

Mythology Essay Topics Ideas

  1. The Titans of Greek Mythology
  2. The Greek Mythology and Its Influence on the Modern Societies
  3. Paper Sample on Greek Mythology: The Greek Goddesses Aphrodite and Athena
  4. TEKS Standards for Mythology
  5. Components of Myths Argumentative Essay
  6. The Myths of Ancient Egypt
  7. Essay Sample on Medusa as a Powerful Creature
  8. Hercules Essay Example
  9. The Myth of Romulus and Remus Essay
  10. Cyclops Essay Example

Make Most of Mythology Essay Examples

Most of our samples are submitted by your fellow students, though some were created by our experts. Although you can’t download and submit them as your own, there are plenty of ways to use myth essay examples to your advantage. You can:

  1. Browse the titles to come up with an exciting topic for your piece.
  2. Combine two or more ideas into a single long-form assignment.
  3. Mine them for reliable and relevant sources to cite in your work.
  4. Highlight and mimic the structure of the paper you like best.
  5. Write a critique of an essay found online and use it as your primary source.

The sky’s the limit, and you can find new and exciting ways to put our samples to good use. But if you’re out of time, with the deadline looming right ahead, you don’t have to burn the midnight oil to create your own myth assignment. Instead, trust our experts to do it for you. They’ve seen it all and write essays lightning-fast. Get in touch to find the best writer for your myth.

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