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Academic Interest Essay

Some might argue that academic interest essays are similar to purpose letters, or statements that you make when you apply for a study program at an academic institution. This is true in some ways. An essay on academic interests typically discusses your motivations and your future goals. This essay is for students to share their hopes and dreams. This is not the only reason. They are also assigned by professors to help students plan for the future, consider their academic interests, and find out what they will study to prepare. This paper should include a description of your academic interests and your connections to the subject. The paper will discuss your plans for the future, what you are interested in as a professional, and what you have to do to get there. Writing this paper should be inspiring but realistic.

Academic Interest Essay Examples



How Can You Write an Essay for College About Your Academic Interests?

Here are some recent examples of prompts that elicit a college essay on academic interests:

  • Explain why you are applying for that school, while acknowledging that your choice of academic school is not final. Rice University, 150 words
  • You can expand on your academic interests (250 words limit, USC).
  • Please tell us why this academic program is important to you and which academic programs are of interest to you. Ithaca College, minimum 10 words max 200 words

The supplemental essay on academic interests will allow you to show off your academic credentials. This essay is also an opportunity to describe how your interests have evolved over time and the future plans you have for them. The college should see a picture about who you are intellectually. Demonstrate your willingness to explore your interests and navigate the academic world as a college student.

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