125 Good Personal Topic Ideas For Narrative Essay

125 Good Personal Topic Ideas For Narrative Essay

Published by on 2021-04-13 12:09:27

Students are assigned to complete dozens of types of incredibly complicated academic assignments during studies. However, writing a personal essay usually causes the highest number of questions and difficulties. What are the most winning narrative essay topics for college students? How can you come up with an astonishing and quality paper? Discover the handiest narrative essay prompts that will help you succeed in completing your college task within the shortest terms.

Personal Essay: Exploring the Basic Concepts  

Before diving into the world of professional writing tips, it is vital to understand the core concepts of this academic paper. This type of essay is intended to represent the events and encounters that happened to you at a particular time. This means you will need to share your memories and extraordinary episodes from the past. However, it is important to note that this type of essay shouldn’t have a precise chronicle of events. 

How to Pick Up a Topic for a Narrative Essay

First of all, it is necessary to try to tell a particular story. It might be a life lesson you’ve received in the past, the events that have shifted your attitude towards particular things, or the description of how you’ve gained some important skills. 

Second, try to pick up some personal narrative ideas that can be easily discussed in a class. It might be some disputable solution that has different sides, benefits, and drawbacks. Avoid choosing too common or outdated topics for a narrative essay not to make the readers feel bored. 

Third, don’t be afraid to experiment. You can choose a topic that covers several episodes from your past that are connected with each other. However, don’t expect your essay to be loaded with tons of various events. You can share your emotional experience while describing the only case, too. 

It is also good to determine the ideas for a narrative essay with its traditional structure in mind. Can you develop the main subject of your paper? How can you connect the main part with the introduction? Remember that most types of academic papers are based on the golden rule of meeting a traditional essay structure. 

Make sure a chosen topic can cover at least three claims that will become the key sentences in each paragraph of your essay’s body. They will endorse your thesis statement. 

How to Find Good Personal Narrative Topics Related to Experience 

Sharing experiences is one of the easiest ways to compose a winning academic paper. You are expected to describe some cases you had in the past that caused a significant impact on your entire life. It is worth mentioning that these events might be either positive or negative. 

Make sure not to share any too personal matters to feel more comfortable in a class. It is better to avoid touching any sensitive topics for narrative essays. Don’t be afraid to add more detail to your narration to make it brighter and more sapid. 

Here is a list of narrative speech topics you can use for composing your assignment:

Personal Narrative Essay Topics: Childhood

There is nothing new that childhood is one of the brightest periods in the lives of many people. You might have had incredible adventures, believed in odd and fantastic things, and experienced ridiculous cases. All of these can become a perfect topic for your essay. Feel free to choose one of the solutions below if you don’t know where to start. 

  • The most exceptional birthday celebration
  • A holiday you didn’t like and why
  • Your first trip to the beach
  • How your childhood dreams came true
  • What experience from your childhood appeared to be helpful
  • Your first day at school
  • Your favorite book in childhood and how it changed your attitude to life
  • The best present you gave your parents when being a kid
  • The fairytale or cartoon heroes you admired
  • The most valuable toy in your childhood
  • Your first visit to the zoo or circus
  • The moment you’ve seen your younger brother/sister for the first time 
  • The best thing you liked to do in the kindergarten
  • The oddest childhood belief
  • A story of how you met a new friend in unusual circumstances
  • The time you got to the emergency room
  • The best holiday with your parents
  • Your first visit to a summer camp
  • Your first skiing or skating experience
  • A story about how a particular person treated you in an unfair way
  • Your first visit to the seaside
  • The most unforgettable hiking memories
  • Your first trip on a plane
  • The funniest moment in your childhood
  • The ways you’ve been punished in childhood and your attitude towards it

Personal Paper Topics: Student Life

Your life in college or university is surely different from high school. You can share your stories of meeting new friends, learning difficult subjects, and much more. How did you become more independent? Did college life meet your expectations? You can use these ideas for composing a fantastic story:

Personal Narrative: Topics About the Relationships

Building relationships with other people is an inevitable part of our lives. However, sometimes it might be difficult or make you feel frustrated. Describing your feelings and emotions related to communication and establishing connections with other people might be a perfect fit for completing your assignment. You can freely write about your relationships with friends, family members, classmates, colleagues, and loved ones. However, avoid making your essay too personal. 

The Best Ideas for a Personal Narrative: Interests and Hobbies

A hobby is an activity you really enjoy. It might make you feel inspired, happy, and relaxed. Moreover, a hobby might bring you lots of positive emotions you might want to share with the audience:

  • The story of how your hobby became your job
  • Talents and creativity: what do you do to discover your dowry
  • The way you discovered the best hobby for you 
  • The most effective ways to develop your hobbies
  • What makes you happy?
  • The best way to find a balance between learning and hobbies
  • The way you usually get inspired 
  • Did your parents help you find your hobbies? 
  • Have you ever been inspired by a book or a movie? 
  • How to reach success and follow your interests?
  • Keep trying: was this advice helpful for you? 
  • A character or person who might get your inspired
  • Being a perfectionist: how does it feel for you?
  • Working, learning, and having a hobby: is it possible for you?
  • Hobby as a new way to achieve your goals

Personal Topics: Traveling and Adventures

Most people enjoy traveling, meeting new friends, and visiting the most amazing places and events. If you are one of them, you can share some of your traveling adventures with the readers. You can pick up one of these ideas to cover this exciting topic:

Top Tips on Writing an Essay on Personal Topics 

Many learners face some difficulties when writing a personal academic paper. However, we are here to make your job easier. Discover some personal narrative writing prompts that will help you complete your academic assignment in no time. 

Focus on Emotions 

The most important thing for writing this type of paper is that you need to focus on feelings and emotions rather than actions. This means you might write a brief description of the event or case but pay maximum attention to your susceptibility. The most winning topics are those that provoke a strong empathetic response. You can also describe some issues that were experienced by most of your classmates. However, your story should contain something special (for example, an out-of-the-box solution on how to cope with the difficulty.) 

Add More Sensory Descriptions 

The more detailed your descriptions are, the easier you can grab the reader’s attention. Try to draw the scene in your imagination and then turn your feelings into words. Your story might be touching, provoking, or intriguing. However, it shouldn’t leave your audience indifferent. 

Follow the Traditional Structure 

When writing an essay on a personal topic, you might start feeling nostalgic and become too emotional. However, it is necessary to remember that an academic paper is not your diary. Therefore, it should meet the requirements shared by the professor, have a precise but creative plot, and have proper formatting. Not to mention, it is always a great idea to have the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion when completing this type of academic assignment. 


Writing a narrative essay on any particular personal topic is surely challenging. Some students choose topics offered by the professor, while others prefer picking up their own solutions. Both options are great, so feel free to select the best topic according to your preferences, experience, and writing skills.