A Place Where I Belong: Germany. Personality Essay Example

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Date:  2021-04-01

I have lived in this country for close to four decades; the exact years are 49 but am saying four decades for those are the years that I was fully knowledgeable of what was going on around me. In those years I have experienced both the good and the bad. The division and unification of this country, economic growth and terrorists attacks, emergence of innovators and scholars and harsh treatment of foreigners, you name them. I have seen it all. What I am proud of is the fact as a country we have really grown as country and emerged as world leaders, economically, socially as well politically. Germany has one of the most sophisticated and intriguing evolution, marred with both good and bad events which ultimately helped to mold it to the country it is today; the best country in the world.

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Interestingly, I was born right about the time the wall was close to completion. The wall was built to divide East Germany from the West Germany. I was born on the east side of the wall. This was the side controlled by the Soviet Union and the wall was famously referred to as the iron curtain as it separated us from the western side which was pro-western European countries and was developing more quickly due to capitalism. The diminishing political power of the Soviet Union after its disintegration in the early 90s was a blessing in disguise to say the least as it led to the demolition of the wall and unification of east and West Germany. I was in the military then; every person had to serve in the military at some stage then, and the mood in berlin was jubilant among the people. Never seen happier faces all my life, well bar from the annual October festival.

Social, political and economic development was accelerated enormously owing to this event. Personally, I hold the view that we are the most advanced country technologically. I mean look at the sophistication and quality of the heavy machines we produce. I am pretty confident we produce the highest quality cars in the world. Almost forgot to mention the fact that we are the leading producers of green energy thus limiting environmental degradation. We are among the most developed countries in the world economically. Well, this is a fact and not an opinion.

Politically, the evolution has been more intriguing. From the time of the infamous well maybe famous as liberals would call him, Hitler. During the height of cold war the country was divided into two. Over this period and afterwards there were many chancellors. The current one, Angell Merkel has to be one of the greatest. Her leadership has seen stable growth of the country and even being a leader in the geo-politics in the world. The country has been unified more and even more receptive of foreigners. This really makes me proud as a citizen and more so after having served my country in the military.

I am an ardent football fan and winning the world cup recently brought profound joy. Almost forgot to point out that some of the most famous sports personalities hail from this country. Michael Schumacher, Nowvistki and Ballpark to name a few. I even almost forgot to mention that I come from the place with Roseburg, the reigning formula one champion.

In conclusion, Germany is really a country where I belong. The sheer friendliness of the people, economic and political development always make me identify with this country. The quality of the products and support for humanity form different government organs and non-government make me proud and want to be identified with the country. Through its evolution over the years and coping with the problems it has had, Germany has developed to be the greatest country in the world.

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