Personal Beliefs on Family, Essay Example

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Date:  2021-06-24

A family is viewed as the basic unit in a society that mostly consists of parents and their children. From a personal perspective, a family is more than just the individuals in the unit. A family refers to people who are related, live together and support each other in every situation. A family inspires an individual to desire growth and yearn for great achievements. It also serves as the basic foundation where values are taught from one generation to the next. The basis of my definition is the relationship that my family and I have. From the time that my family and I lived in Bolivia and then moved to the United States, the bond present in my family has enabled growth and allowed adequate socialization with respect to how we relate to each other and other people. The people who inspire me come from my family particularly my grandfather who has had a huge impact on many peoples lives. It is through him that I aspire to work with people and give back to the society. On values, I obtained the essence of compassion from my grandfather who was always there for the needy people. Furthermore, my mothers focus on charity work also contributed to my desire for giving back to the society. Therefore, a family is a unit that promotes values and inspires an individual to take part in the societal progress fully.

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The personal values and the beliefs present in my definition of a family are on compassion. Before moving into the United States, I observed my grandfathers sense of compassion in assisting the poor in the society. He was also committed in his course which made me admire him more. I believe that my sense of compassion and committing myself to activities I engage in emanate from my grandfathers example.

After arriving in the U.S., my mother continued with the idea of supporting the needy through her engagements in charity work. She also took me along during the activities which allowed me to see the significance of giving back to the society. From their example, I believe that a family is responsible for instilling values and illustrating good examples that children may emulate and develop into responsible adults.

As stated earlier, a family provides support to its members and becomes the source of inspiration when it comes to personal and professional growth. My desire for taking a course on social work is attributed to the fact that I was inspired by my family members to find a way of giving back to the society.

I come from a family where obedience is key and important. Children are expected to respect their elders and mostly operate under the supervision of the adults. Moving to the United States from Bolivia introduce me to a culture where people my age behaved as free thinkers or rather children had more control over the choices that they made. I found it strange especially since I came from a strict family. I found out that families in the United States were different from the families in Bolivia when it comes to rules and hence altering my view on the instilling of values and discipline to children. From a personal perspective, the system in the United States is quite effective since it inculcates the aspect of independence on children from an early age.

In regards to social institutions, I have had to adjust my view when it comes to the structure of the family. We live in a diverse world by which the family organization has also been influenced. The family setting in Bolivia is not as diverse as the setting in the U.S. The structure in the U.S. is quite diverse of which there are plenty of interracial families, single parents, and families with parents of the same gender. The diversity changes the common nature of a family consisting of a father, mother, and children. The issue of divorce has also influenced my perception of the family with the view that the luxury of living with both parents is no longer relevant. Divorce is quite common in my community which presents the view that family members do not have to necessarily live together to prove that they are a family but can exist separately when the relationship between the parents do not work.

My definition of family does not differ from what I was raised to believe especially when it comes to the aspect of instilling values and discipline on children. I find the aspect of values as essential when it comes to the family unit as it allows an individual to grow up in an institution that promotes moral development. By observing the characters of the adults in my family while growing up, I was able to develop a passion in social work and value the need of commitment and compassion. The family unit still serves as a basic foundation for values in regards to the socialization that takes place in the community. From my observation, children who grow up in stable families exhibit less behavioral issues when compared to those who grow up in families who are malfunctioned. Therefore, from an individual perspective, my definition of the aspects of values on the family unit has not changed.

The workplace presents the aspect of diversity in the sense that it includes people from various backgrounds and who have various beliefs. Social work implies working with people from diverse backgrounds and hence possibly presenting a situation where my beliefs on the family will impact some of my activities. Growing up in the United States has influenced my perceptive on the family in terms of diversity. Also, after majoring in human services for my undergraduate program, I think that I have the capacity of exploring the behavior of individuals, communication in addition to social interaction. In regards to values as per my definition of family, I believe that the values will have a positive impact in my work environment. As highlighted earlier, some of the values that I learned from my family include commitment and compassion. Through commitment, I will be able to focus on my work in addition to my goals of giving back to the society. It will also enable me to work together with my colleagues in meeting the needs of the community. From a personal perspective, the issue of compassion entails more than just care but also empathy and showing concern for the people who require services from social workers. Therefore, through compassion, I will be able to relate meet the needs of clients from diverse backgrounds in addition to focusing more on their welfare.

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