My Father's Gift

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Date:  2021-05-14

The concept of acceptance simply means receiving or taking something given. For example, if one gives Me a gift and I take it in good, faith that would be referred to as acceptance. Acceptance is a sign of affection. Acceptance of someone can mean not criticizing them or their actions. Similarly, acceptance can be a form of conflict avoidance. On certain occasions we tend to receive gifts and presents that are not our preferences or specifications. But by offering to accept it is a sign of peace with those who take their precious time to buy us gifts. Acceptance of gifts is a common example of showing our true value for someone or something. Many times we do give gifts to show affection, thoughtfulness and most importantly love for those we cherish. A simple gift that we give from our hearts has the highest probability of being accepted. We give and receive gifts to and from our friends, siblings, uncles, aunts, teachers, parents and even from our so-called enemies. Majority of gifts are given out of good intentions. We receive gifts during important occasions in our lives. In relation to that, we do give and accept gifts on special occasions and days like Christmas day, Boxing day, Mother's Day, Father's days among others. A good example of acceptance in the form of gift is when my father bought me a car as a gift during last year's Christmas festive. This was after my good performance in school. This example will give an overview of what acceptance entails.

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It all began during the end of the winter breaks in the year 2015. My father promised to buy me a car when I did exceptionally well in my studies. He promised me that if I emerged among the top 10 in my class, he would reward me with a car. Immediately after getting back to school, I decided I had to work extra hard to meet my father's wish of being in the top ten of my class. I decided that I would visit the library majority of my free times to study other disciplines and to also ensure my English was good like other students. Together with my best friend, I decided to write down a study timetable. I also decided to put video games on hold. Apart from that, I also decided that there was going to be no more playing my favorite game Baseball. Because I avoided all the aforementioned, I was able to become position six in my entire class. When I got home, my father was extremely delighted about my hard work in school. Together with my mother, they promised to honor their promise when they would be back from their trip to Japan. Then, it happened. On Christmas Eve, my father honored his promise and purchased for me a brand new Volvo S8. Even though my desire was always to own a Subaru Forester, I could not decline the gift my father had bought me out of love. I accept the gift and thanked my father for it even though it was not what I intended to get as my car.

Acceptance is a peaceful sign among people. Accepting of what other people do to us is a sign of love and affection towards us. However, we should not misuse the concept of acceptance by accepting everything that in one way or the other may harm others. We should strive at all times to accept the relevant things that will not in any way harm us or others. Similarly, we should show acceptance to our communities and families by buying them gifts and good stuff.

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