Modern Meaning of Love and Relationship

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Date:  2021-03-13

Additionally, there have been numerous debates in relation to same-sex marriage in various countries which has sparked conflicting emotions from the religious and human rights organizations alike. Some argue prohibiting same-sex marriage is discriminatory and unconstitutional by the virtue of denying other people their rights. Others argue that marriage is meant for procreation purposes and should not be allowed to people of the same gender. In relation to love and relationship, I believe that happiness is what matters. It does not matter whether marriage occurs between same or different sex. What is important is happiness and commitment to one another in a relationship.

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True love and relationship do not rely on educational factors but rather dedication and understanding. Statistically, many people have divorced but still love each other. What is evident in these cases is a lack of understanding for each other (Galinha et al., 2014). In essence, understanding and commitment are stronger than love. Love is equally important in a relationship, but the painful truth is that it is never enough. Understanding someone in a relationship is critical and very hard, but is the only way to build a healthy relationship. Love without an understanding symbolizes a flower with no water. And even though irritations in relationships are inevitable, it is important to find a partner that rhymes with your habits for easier understanding. Finding out how to live with the partners irritants can be a solution towards understanding each other and ensuring a lasting relationship. Oftentimes marriages have failed due to disagreements over petty differences.

The current society has different values and ways of looking towards a successful or potential partner in a relationship. Oftentimes their choices and preferences have been influenced by social class and financial stability. These issues have derived us from or social beliefs and experiences while growing up in various families where people marriage for real love but not for money or to those with high social class in the society (Welwood, 2006). The youth like being associated with the elites and this pattern has been deeply ingrained amongst the youth, difficult to dislodge. In every relationship, there will be issues related to financial constraints, but it is important to communicate effectively to create a rapport between the partners and solve these issues amicably without even involving other parties. Love and relationships founded due to financial reasons cannot last and have often collapsed due to these financial disagreements. Sometimes a deficiency of food supply to family members is a minor issue but can escalate to deeper issues in a relationship. It's like ice cubes that gradually changes to the iceberg which are like floating irritants, bothersome but meaningless.


Love and relationship have changed meaning over time amongst human life. Romantic love, which is the most valuable type of love often calls for understanding and commitment between partners to ensure a lasting relationship. The youth currently chooses marriage partners based on social class, financial resources, and education which are different from the older meaning of love. There have been numerous debates concerning same-sex marriage from religious and human rights activist both agitating for different viewpoints. However, what is important is understanding and happiness in a relationship regardless of gender.

As the society, there is a need to rectify the beliefs and values. We must do more to change cultural views by reaching to the younger generation before they are admitted to various colleges. The seed of the different conducts currently witnessed among the youth is planted long before they are admitted in colleges and institutions of higher learning and nurtured by a weird culture which we have turned a blind eye on. There is need to teach the younger generation that moral values concerning love and relationship should be upheld and continue to teach the warning signs of infidelity and constant marriage problems witnessed. Engaging in new efforts directly towards them will make them view the issue with the seriousness it deserves.

Morally, they should be taught that that sex before marriage is not right and that sex should be between two people that are truly in love not between two individuals that just want to have sex because they think it is fun or just something to do. Personally, I have changed some of the beliefs relating to love and relationships and would advise my children to wait for the right partner. Love and relationship should involve understanding amongst all the members and constant communication in case there are issues.


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