Tenby Observatory - Telescope and Night Sky Viewing

Tenby Observatory - Telescope and Night Sky Viewing

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Warrumbungle Observatory

Warrumbungle Observatory has located 9km from Coonabarabran (Astronomy Capital of Australia) at the foothills of the Warrumbungles. We have very dark skies and are adjacent to the International Dark Sky Park and Siding Spring Observatory. It is owned by Peter Starr (yes that is his real name). Peter has a Masters's Degree in Astronomy and is a former Site Manager at Siding Spring Observatory.

Night Sky & Telescope Viewing Nights

Warrumbungle Observatory conducts telescope viewing sessions for tourists and school groups to view the stars and planets on most nights. One of our tour guides will show you the planets and stars through a number of our telescopes including our large 20" plane wave telescope and take a photo with your canon or Nikon DSLR camera if you have one.

Remote Observatory Hosting

We host remote observatories for customers to access over the internet from around the world. Either has your own observatory set up or rent one of ours. Astrophotography Online taking observations of comets, asteroids, and variable stars for customers.

Dubbo Observatory

We also have a 2nd site at Dubbo 165km to the south of Coonabarabran. There we conduct telescope viewing tours for tourists and school groups with more telescopes available. Exclusive telescope viewing nights for 6 or fewer people with Peter Starr as your guide. A more comprehensive astrophotography session with your DSLR camera.

Remote Observatory Hosting

Astrophotography online: Access our 17"telescope online to take amazing atro photos of nebulae and galaxies using our CCD camera.

Night Sky & Telescope Tour

  • View Coonabarabran's pristine night sky through our range of up to 5 telescopes.
  • Start off with a tour of the night sky pointing out the stars, planets, Milky Way, and constellations.
  • View the Moon, Planets, Stars, Comets, Nebulae, and Galaxies shown in great clarity through our telescopes giving explanations.
  • Have a photo taken of a colorful nebula with your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera body (no lens).
  • Answer all of your astronomy and night sky questions.
  • Night Show lasts for 1 hour + 15 mins dedicated after to take a photo with your Canon or Nikon DSLR.
  • The show is weather permitting.
  • Coonabarabran can be very cold at night. The telescope viewing is outside in the open air so it is important to bring very warm clothes.
  • The minimum group size is 4 people to go-ahead for the show to cover costs.


  • Bookings and prepayments are essential. We are only permitted to accept prepaid ticket holders.
  • There is no entry without a prepaid ticket for every person regardless of age.
  • If you bring an extra regardless of age without a ticket we have to decline your entry with no refund.
  • Your ticket must have your name on it and can't be transferred to any other person.
  • You must also provide your address and mobile phone number for contact tracing processes by NSW Health if required.


Minimum group size

There is a minimum group size of the equivalent of 4 paying adults for the show to go ahead. If the number is not achieved we will contact you at least an hour before by text to the mobile phone number you provided and also send you an email to the email address provided.

Overcast Skies and Cancellation of the Show

The show is weather permitting. We cancel the show and issue a refund if it is raining or overcast or if it is too windy. We make a judgment about an hour before the show starts.

If we decide to cancel we will email you and send you a text to the Australian mobile phone number you provided in the booking process about an hour before the show starts. You will need to be in phone range to be able to receive this.

If you are staying out of range you will need to provide a method of contacting you. There will be one at the gate to advise if it has been canceled.

If it's cloudy and you haven't got a message, please contact us, it could be I have texted the wrong phone number or sometimes Telstra sends them too late, or you are out of range.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • If you decide to cancel, a refund will be issued if you give at least 72 hours notice given to Warrumbungle Observatory. Don't rely on a text as sometimes Telstra take their time sending it. No refund is given if less than 72 hours' notice. The ticketing fee is not refunded if you cancel.
  • If we cancel due to bad weather, tour guide away sick, or changes to covid-19 restrictions, or insufficient numbers? A refund is given.
  • Transferring your ticket to another session? We cannot transfer your ticket to another session. You would need to cancel your booking and purchase a new ticket. The ticketing fee is not refunded.

Changing Numbers

You cannot change numbers. You would need to cancel your whole booking and repurchase tickets. The ticketing fee is not refunded.