45 Best Technology Topics for College Research Paper

45 Best Technology Topics for College Research Paper

Published by on 2021-07-09 17:19:57

Research paper composing is one of the most widespread tasks assigned by tutors. It helps students showcase their ability to gather and analyze information from different sources. They need to take a deep dive into a topic and come up with particular findings. Nevertheless, all the outcomes have to be backed up with evidence from credible sources. It needs learners to spend a lot of time gathering information and composing a paper. Notwithstanding, the primary obstacle that most learners face is picking an information technology research topic for their writing. Most tutors provide undergraduates with the ability to choose the topic of their writings by themselves. The topic has to be engaging. It has to draw the attention of readers and force them to discover a particular problem deeply. In addition, it should foresee the ability to conduct thorough research and present impressive findings.

Difficulties in Choosing a Research Topic

For starters, students can have zero ideas arising in their minds. They often feel tired, squeezed, and overburdened due to a lack of night sleep and many challenges to tackle while studying. Therefore, they can hardly come up with a unique and original question. A list with great topics for an assignment can help start working on a paper fast in such a case. However, a large number of titles to choose from can make students feel anxious. They often experience a lot of issues, trying to choose the best title among dozens of prompts. Students are afraid to choose a boring topic. By picking a title that evokes no interest, they will create an average-quality paper that won't become remarkable for most readers. In addition, they will have hard times gathering data because learners will need to explore a ton of boring sources and pick relevant pieces of information. Therefore, we have created a list with the best technology topics that will keep a lot of people engaged in the post below. Scroll down and find an interesting title that may help with your research paper on technology.

Trendy Research Topics on Technology

Indeed, technology is important for most people. Managers, financial officers, social workers, and many other people are interested in new inventions because machines are deeply integrated into our lives. It's impossible to imagine modern life without satellites, smartphones, social media, robots, and Artificial Intelligence. Some technologies are more interesting for people and engage a broader audience. Scroll down below and find a list of trendy titles for technology essays.

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Should AI Be Eligible to Set Diagnoses and Choose Therement Methods?
  2. How Dangerous Is the Digital Addiction in Kids in the Era of the Internet?
  3. Should Owners of Self-Driving Vehicles Be Punished in Case of Car Accidents?
  4. In What Industries People Cannot Live Without Machines and Digital Products These Days?
  5. Is It Possible to Make Digital Voting 100% Transparent and Secure?
  6. Can Cryptocurrency Change the Way People Use Money and Make Transactions in the Near Future?
  7. Can Augmented Reality Enhance Shopping Experience Both Online and Offline?
  8. How Secure and Reliable Cloud Technologies in the Modern World Are?
  9. Smart Homes: How Would a House of the Future Look Like?
  10. The New Threats That Appeared Because of the Development of Digital Systems.
  11. Can Drones Become Weapons That Work Autonomously and Kill People Without a Permission?
  12. What Are the Potential Benefits of Exploring Space and Building Satellites?
  13. Can ID Chips and Digital Documents Become Common and Obligatory For People?
  14. Can Gene Editing Eliminate Diseases and Health Problems in People?
  15. How Modern Technologies Help Farmers Get Larger Crops?

Controversial Technology Research Paper Topics

If you want the title of your paper to be interesting and stick in readers' minds, it has to be debatable. You need to pick a topic that will force people to dive into your research and discover the findings presented in an assignment. Besides, controversial problems don't have the best solution that can satisfy all people. If you pick such a title, you will need to provide solid arguments and support them with credible sources to convince people who have different standpoints. Having a lack of ideas, don't be shy about grabbing one of the titles below.

  1. Do Technologies Make People Less Self-Reliable and Reduce Their Ability to Tackle Unforeseen Problems?
  2. Does Chip Production Lead to Excessive Extraction of Materials and Use of Natural Resources?
  3. Do Smartphones Negatively Affect the Way People Communicate?
  4. Is There Any Positive Effect of Using Technologies in Education?
  5. Do People Need to Start Using Digital Money Only?
  6. Should We Create a Decentralized System That Will Help Reveal Crimes?
  7. What Are the Potential Benefits and Problems of Using Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?
  8. Is It Dangerous to Talk Using a Smartphone for a Long Time?
  9. Are There Any Real Benefits of Using Green Innovations?
  10. Can Smart Algorithms Predict Dangerous Behavior of People and Possible Conflicts?
  11. Do IT Companies Help Improve the World and Fight Social Problems?
  12. Electric or Hydrogen Power: What Projects Need to Be Supported and Funded First?
  13. Will Electric Trucks Appear in the Next Ten Years?
  14. Can Robots Become Surgeries and Perform Operations?
  15. Will Computers Be Able to Create Applications by Themselves in the Near Future?

Science and Information Technology Research Topics Ideas

In case you want to create a paper that takes a deep dive into technologies, you need to pick a science-related topic. It will help you showcase your knowledge in a particular area. Each of the topics below will be interesting for STEM students and tutors. Despite the fact it will reach a narrower audience, you will be able to create the most interesting and unique paper in your class.

  1. The Importance of Zero in Math and Software Engineering.
  2. Real Benefits of Rapid Mental Calculations for Engineers.
  3. The Differences Between Vector and Raster Graphics.
  4. What Is Self-Service Technology?
  5. Why Do Batteries in Smartphones Explode?
  6. Is There a Limit in Information Composing?
  7. Why Is It Impossible to Overcome the Light-Speed Limit?
  8. How to Store and Process All the Data in Case of 100% 5G Coverage on Earth?
  9. Why Are Quantum Processors a Revolution in Computing Power of Machines?
  10. The Best Ways to Store Large Amounts of Energy.
  11. Is It Possible to Store Digital Information Forever?
  12. How to Shoot Black Hole if It Doesn't Reflect Any Light?
  13. How to Illustrate the Fourth Dimension?
  14. The Most Important Invention of the 21st Century.
  15. How Has Technology Changed in the Past 20 Years?
  16. How Does a System on a Chip Work?
  17. How Is One Format of a File Converted Into Another?

Most Widespread Mistakes in Topic Picking

Indeed, it is very important to know the most popular mistakes students conduct, choosing a topic. They will help you pick the best topic about technology for the research paper. First of all, most students have topic apathy. They want to find an easy-to-explore topic that will help them write a paper faster. Instead, they need to find a prompt they feel passionate about to create top-grade research writing. Too broad topics are the second most popular issue among undergraduates. They always avoid narrowing their topics to have plenty of information to research and write about. However, by narrowing the reviewed issue, a student can increase the value of a paper because they explore an issue in more detail.