Time Management Tips for Learners

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Date:  2021-03-05

Sometimes when time seems not to be there for your schedule, for example, when revising for examinations or during your final year examinations, stress may build up as a result.

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Once you have identified ways to improve your time management, you can begin to adjust on routines and patterns of behavior to reduce any time-related stress in your life.

You should have a reminder to keep you informed on what to do next. Your reminder system should simply be like your diary written down things you need to do, including appointments and deadlines. Determine how long your tasks will take, consider whether any activities can be combined, and whether it is possible to break down bigger tasks to smaller tasks that may be easier to schedule

A daily lists of tasks is equally important, you need to update the list daily, crossing off completed tasks and adding more new tasks you need to do. Ensure that your list always feels attainable. When you have a daily list of tasks to do, you are able to; focus on important objectives, feel more in control, always have something to work on, order your thoughts correctly and also you will be able to have a record of what you have done.

Set yourself specific and well-defined goals, and make sure they are realistic and achievable. Examine you present situation first and assess the importance of your set goals and the relevant action you need to take in order to meet the target. Use time-saving tools such as appointment calendar, have an organized workplace and use your appointment calendar for everything including your study time.

Prioritize your tasks in order of importance, that is, from most to least important. Someone who works hard and is well organized but spends time on less or unimportant tasks may be efficient but not effective, you must identify which tasks are urgent and important so as to focus on them first. Good students give much time to the most important tasks, this avoids interruptions to your work. When looking for a job for instance, you cannot apply to every employer, you will need to prioritize those you wish to apply to while considering such factors as; location, chances of getting the job, closing date for application and degree class required.

Stop multi-tasking and always stick to a single task at a time. Those who try performing two or more tasks at ago always get themselves locked out by deadline. In such situations you need to delegate responsibilities. No matter how good you are, you cannot do everything alone depending on the availability of time. Delegation is not a show of weakness but a sign of intelligence. Getting more reliable people and sharing responsibilities with them allows you to be less stressed and more productive unlike taking more tasks than you can handle.

Focused students always try as much as possible to avoid procrastination. You need to learn how to manage your fear of doing things you dont want to do and realize that, such fear is worse compared to any negative results. Try so much that you take decisions immediately when possible and when you have no need of gathering more information pertinent to the decision.

Breakdown your goals into their components so that you can approach them step by step. The steps should be written down and you should always be specific while doing this. You need to complete a task before you go to the next. This gives you ample time to think and reason as well as getting enough confidence to handle the tasks that follow.

When things are not working out for you, you need to persevere and learn how to take positive attitude towards any frustration or failure you may encounter. Things will not run as smoothly as you may expect, mistakes are part of any creative process and should always remain as lessons leading towards your desired solutions. Those who have achieved the most in life have made the most mistakes and so, fear of making or accepting mistakes is a handicap to taking effective action. Always be aware that satisfaction comes mostly from pursuing goals as compared to achieving them. You need to work on effective strategies to deal with any form of pressure. This varies from doing exercises to relaxation techniques as well as sharing problems with friends.

You should organize your time. Always identify areas where you often waste time in and try to minimize on them or if possible avoid them completely. The best thing to do in order to solve this is simply logging everything you do for a week in meticulous detail and then examine your record to see how you use or misuse your time. Develop a regular work routine and keep your working environment tidy and always try to draft, for example, when you have an essay to write, draft out the structure as this will break the ice and make your work easier. For instance when applying for jobs, keep copies of all applications as well as a log of the date you applied, interviews and results. This is a key reminder of your progress and also helps you spot areas you need to improve in.

Using a time log is another key way of eliminating time wastage. You need to have a chart for at least the next one week, divided at one half an hour intervals beginning from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep. Time log can be more useful particularly at times of pressure.

Plan out a revision schedule or timetable so you devote enough time for that you need to do especially when revising for examination. Summarize your lecture notes and learn to use graphics and diagrams where appropriate. Minimal notes are necessary when revising for the examinations at the last time. Use past papers as this will ease your revision and also familiarize yourself with the settings of a particular subject. Include time for rest, relaxation, sleep, eating socializing and exercise in your schedule. Short breaks during studies is very crucial and always remember not to put off everything off until the last second as this will lead to cramming for the exams.

When you feel like you have accomplished your days tasks its advisable that you celebrate it. People do celebrate in different ways, but always ensure that whatever you do as a form of celebration be healthy and that which you enjoy. Do not do it in excess as this may let you fall further behind.

Block out any form of destructions like Facebook, twitter or any other form of social media unless you are using these tools to generate information in regard to what you are doing. Disconnect instant messaging and do not give people your attention instantly unless its absolutely crucial. Its advisable that you put up a Do not disturb sign when you have to get your work done within your scheduled time. Activities or conversations that are important to your success, should have some time assigned to them. Schedule when they will begin and when they will end. Take some minutes before every call or task to figure out and decide what result you want to attain as this will help you know what success looks like before you start your drive towards it.

You need to set a deadline for yourself and always learn to stick to it. Focused students would get their work done prior to the deadline set. If you make executive decisions to always push your tasks back, then setting s deadline is of no importance to you and you do not need it.

When performing your tasks, always remain focused on the big picture, that is, why you are doing the tasks and whether it is of any importance to your long-term goals. Follow your personal mission statement and ask yourself if the activities you are doing are ultimately helping you achieve the goals. When unexpected occurs, you need to be flexible and fit it into your schedule.

Time management is the key to any success in life, you should be at a position to control your time over your life and do not let the little time you have manage you. Try to be focused on time so that you be healthier and happier by avoiding distress that may set in when you do not plan with your time. Learning good time management technique enables you to have freedom from deadline pressure and do away with stress in general. You will be more productive, have enough time to relax and also be less procrastinate as well as helping you decrease stress and anxiety that you may encounter.


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