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Date:  2021-03-06

Have you ever thought about what makes you happy? The feeling of happiness is incomprehensible. If you ask someone this question, the answer may not impress you because everyone has different understanding towards the meaning happiness. It is not surprising that people are inherently possessed be the idea of the pursuit of happiness for all life. But while you are thinking about it, the truth is around you.

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When you wake up having some feeling (restful or angry), you allow yourself to feel this. When you go to university for better job, you also allow yourself to do it. Or when you go on the party of your boring friend, even if you do not want do it because you have a lot of work at home, you allow yourself to do it. You may ask yourself: Why do I have to do this? But if you wake up angry, go to university or to the boring party is your own decision to which you have said yes. We live in the world where everyone has the right of choice, and no one can deny it. Our life depends on what we want to do and how we dream about it. Sometimes, we feel unhappiness striving for it and dreaming about. We work hard, sleep less than we really want, and in the end of day we feel tiredness. And after achievement of the goals, we feel only the one-moment satisfaction. There is a new question: Did I work so hard to feel only one-minute happiness? But you think wrong. Look beside the achievement. All the time you were inspired by the idea to do something, you forgot to feel yourself happy because happiness is a process of a dreaming and action. We usually dream a lot, for example, about a new car, an apartment, a dress, luxury weekends, etc. Though, we have to add to the list of our wishes a column of the way of achievement

Few years ago, I lived from weekends to weekends. My university working-days seemed to me awful and boring. On weekends, I was sleeping till midday and doing nothing. My life was so monotonous that my weekends did not bring me to better life. I decided to change my way of life, and began jogging in the morning. I started to get up at 6 a.m. every day (even on my long-awaited rest days), it brought me more energy. After jogging, I felt myself better and had a desire to do something. I began to read more books, create something with my own hands, took part in the volunteer organization; I tried to fill my life with different activities. I realized that I had had a sense of life: to do something useful for the society. Finally, I stopped to live from weekends to weekends because happiness is to live every day catching every opportunity personal development and help people. Life is in action, and while we are busy, we have a sense of life and can feel happiness.

Never say that you do something against your will. People always have the right of choice. Every time, we allow ourselves to make different things, even unpleasant for us, but usually we do not realize that it makes us happy. Just think about your habits, what you usually do every day. Be active, catch every opportunity to move somewhere, accept challenges because difficulties make us stronger and fill our life with unforgettable experience. Think about your grand children, who will be sitting on your knees and listening to your emotionally rich youth honestly inspired. Always dream about future and act today, it will help you to be the happiest person in the world.

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