Personal Essay Example: Holiday with the Relatives

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Date:  2021-04-01

Every person loves taking a break from their daily routine, and that is why I always look forward to the holidays. From a personal perspective, holidays are meant for relaxing, spending quality time with family and also reflecting on personal growth. My family has this tradition of using holidays as the best time for bonding with the rest of the relatives. I find this tradition to be logical due to the busy schedules that most people have the rest of the year; especially my parents who seem to be fully occupied with their professions.

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Every year, my parents and the rest of the adults make a decision on the places that we are going to visit as a family. The rule is that it has to be an out of the country trip and that every person chips in a given amount that will cater for the transport, accommodation and our entire stay in the agreed destination. Australia was the chosen destination because of my grandfather's ancestry. Apparently, my great grandfather moved to the in the 1900s to work as a doctor where he met my great grandmother who was a nurse by then and hence the beginning my family's stay in the U.S. According to my grandfather; it was important if the family visited its lineage such that we learned where we came from. My great grandfather was an only child and hence decreasing the chances of us catching up with one of our lost relatives. The trip was to last four days.

I heard seen several documentaries about the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and so I hoped that we would have the time to go across it. I would hear my grandfather, on our way to the airport, whispering to his significant other how he longed for seeing his ancestral home as he only heard about it through his father's stories. I ensured that I had my camera along to capture the memorable moments and to show my friends of the wonderful time my family and I had in Australia.

To save up on cash, most of us had to fly second class seat while my grandparents had first-class seats. The view was that it was a special treatment for them since it was my grandfather's home. We arrived at around 7 pm and had our chauffeur take us straight to the place we were to stay. My parents had booked a fully furnished holiday house that came with a maid and a swimming pool.

Our first touring visit was at Fraser Island. It was a holiday season, and hence the beaches were crowded. Nonetheless, I enjoyed walking on the warm sands and watching the surfers try to beat the tides. The people were also friendly, and therefore I was able to make a few friends and even spend time with them. My relatives and I also went to one of the parks where we took a lot of pictures of kangaroos and koalas. I remember missing a hit from a kangaroo when trying to take a picture close to it. Our last day was spent going across the Sydney Harbor Bridge which was an amazing experience. I could feel the muscle cramps after finishing the hike. When compared to the rest of our travels, the trip to Australia was the most memorable.

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