Personal Essay Sample: Experience with Mental Health Concerns (Depression)

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Date:  2021-06-25

Experiencing loss of any kind can cause severe mental health concerns for those affected. Mental disorders which include illnesses such as depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, and schizophrenia among others often have an impact on a persons behavior, moods, and thoughts. These illnesses can be scary, and individuals are always advised to seek medical care because the disorders are treatable. People who are diagnosed with these illnesses can have a rewarding life, and live fully if they seek treatment and help as needed.

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When I lost my granddad in the year 2004, I experienced an array of emotions, even though the death was inevitable as he had aged and was battling cancer. I can attest that this was one of the most stressful events in my life that caused a major emotional crisis in my life. At first, I felt numbness, when the doctors broke the news about his death. At this point, I was in denial, despair, confused, shocked, sad, and I even felt angry and guilty for his death. Since I was not prepared for his death, I experienced intense emotions, and my moods changed, and this affected even those around me. My parents started doubting the stability of my mental health when I took longer than other family members to heal. At this point, they realized that I needed therapeutic help from a professional.

The loss affected my daily life, as I began exhibiting acute symptoms of mental health illnesses in particular, depression. I began withdrawing from my family and friends, I had difficulties in concentrating both in school and in the house, problems with thinking and memory, experienced changes in hygiene, eating and sleeping habits, I felt disconnected from reality, and I had severe mood changes. Seeking help was not easy for me because I was in denial and I feared being stigmatized by those around me. This made it difficult to discuss my pain with anyone including my parents who we had a good relationship.

When my parents advised that I accept help from a professional counselor, it dawned on me that I had to address the matter before it got worse. The doctor prescribed some medications to help with the depression, and he devised a therapeutic recreational plan that would help me during this process of grief. This meant that I had to join a support group and individual physiotherapy that would involve the cognitive behavioral therapy. The doctor also recommended recreational activities such as swimming, hiking and climbing walls. Besides, I also got involved in the treatment by ensuring that I resumed my regular eating habits, and ensuring that I take a balanced and nutritious diet. I also improved on my communication, and this helped me share my grief with my family which helped in easing the grief. Getting extra rest and returning to my usual bedtime and school routines helped me to regain the normalcy of my daily life.

In summary, I managed to deal with the depression, and this helped me in evading the occurrence of a mental disorder. Group therapy was very helpful, as well as leisure activities of swimming, hiking, and wall climbing. However, the medication prescribed by the doctor took longer to be effective, and I ended up discontinuing their intake, and instead focused on the therapeutic recreational program devised by the doctor. Eventually, I was able to cope with the loss and was also able to embark on my day to day activities.

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