Presentation on Bullying in Schools

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Date:  2021-03-02

There are various ways of bullying in schools. However, it is majorly associated with the aggressive behavior of students in schools or higher institutions such as universities.

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Specific Purpose

Bullying occurs in various forms such as physical and verbal harassment. An individual or a group can do it. However, there are measures that can be taken to eradicate it.

Central Idea

Bullying takes place in schools, and it affects students who fall victim. It is the duty of the school management to put measures in place to eradicate the rising cases of bullying in schools.


Bullying is the use of force, coercion or threat to intimidate or dominate others aggressively.

The most common forms of bullying are physical and verbal. These forms of bullying have taken place for ages and are still dominating.

There should be ways to control bullying among students such as the creation of federal laws for prevention bullying in schools.

Body of the Presentation

Bullying is rampant in schools and people bully others due to their physical appearances or weaknesses in life.

What causes bullying in schools? Many students face bullying from their seniors because the bullies feel they have social and physical power over the juniors. Some face bullying from their physical appearances such as intimidation of people who are fat or very huge.

Students with different races and the female gender are the ones who face the highest levels of bullying as others see them as inferior beings.

Bullying has taken place in schools for a long time however there are new ways of bullying coming up due to technology.

Students bully others by taking their things forcefully such as a fat kid stealing candy from a little kid as they are playing in school.

Cyber bullying is a new form of bullying that has come about due to technology. Through the internet, students can now bully others anytime, and the victim could lack knowledge of what is happening and control the issue to stop it.

It is hard to control every kid to have ethically accepted traits in society. However, parents, government and school administrators need to enforce measures to reduce the impact bullying has on the students who fall victim.

All states in the United States have passed school anti-bullying legislation. There should be federal laws as well to deal directly with school bullying to stop it.

There is a disparity in the way students think and give their opinions. It is, therefore, hard for them to behave in the same way. They should be taught to live in harmony and love to stop bullying in schools.


Bullying in schools is caused by factors such as feelings of superiority. It takes place in forms such as cyber bullying through the internet and physical bullying. Students should learn to live in harmony and love while their parents and tutors enforce rules at home and schools to control the act.

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