The Lesson Learnt the Hard Way! Personal Essay Example

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Date:  2021-06-25

Sunday evening which was the first Sunday of a new month September 2016, I had just been paid 200 $ from my company where I had just taken up the work to help me support myself and my two other siblings. This was my worst year as I earlier lost my two parents on a fateful road accident. My late parents had always warned me against gambling explaining to me how it was bad and the reason as to why I should not be involved in the gambling game. I was only 19 years old then I had just cleared my High School and was waiting to join college. I had taken a full-time job to help pay bills and also support my baby sister whom I was staying with, and she was in grade 9.

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This fateful day, after I received my months salary, I decided that I should try gambling to enable myself to double the money that I had so that I could be able to pay for a few extra bills and get money to clear the school of my little sister which had stressed me up. I took the whole 200 $ which was meant for my rent, upkeep, and sorting other with the goal of trying to make extra money. I decided to use the money the whole amount for gambling. I had 200 $ playing online poker, so I put it all on a high stakes table because the minimum to buying was 100$ which meant I had to bring it all to the table. After a few hands, I was up 300 $, and I was motivated to continue playing so that I could double the amount. Suddenly it started going down from there. The more I lost, the more I wanted to try to win what I had lost back and before I knew it I was down to 150 $ stopped and clicked out, wondering if I should just pay my rent with it and go back to working a part-time job so I can get some extra money to clear my rent I wanted to cry, and I had even surprised myself that I was able to do this to myself and my little sister who really depended on me I was shocked and did not know what to do now that I had done this to myself, all because of greed. I apparently did not learn my lesson yet. I placed the last play with my 130$ hoping I would win. This was the moment that turned my life, surprisingly for good.

I thought, wow is God making me lose all of this? I laughed inside at the thought of me thinking this. So I continued to play, and amazingly I kept getting sucked out. It was ridiculous but wonderful all at the same time. It wasn't long before I realized that I had nothing left. I sat there; completely unable to decide whether or not I should laugh, smile or cry. I wondered how i was going to live off only 20 $ for four weeks when I spend 15$ a week on groceries? So for three weeks, I ended up eating cookies with my sister. I had been given a notice of eviction.

Then four days before I was evicted, there was no food, no money, no TV and so many other bills had not been cleared and I was left with only my wireless connection that I "borrowed" from my friendly neighbors. This was my first time to say a pray to God genuinely, and I asked Him to help me get through this and help me move on with my life and give me the strength to overcome this difficult situation. Then the day, when I was to be evicted, was almost near I requested my neighbor to help me with his phone and I called a friend of my dad and told him that I was going to be evicted, my dad's friend allowed me to me into her three-bedroom house and I stayed with him for a week, and then he connected me to one of his friend who had a job opportunity at his electronic shop, and I decided to go. I did not want to rely on my uncle anymore, so I decided to try my luck. I was able to get the job as the electronic shop needed someone with my experience to keep the business transactions.

I took my younger sister and moved into another house with the help of my dads friend. I learned the biggest moral lesson of my life. I learned that I should be contented with whatever little I have instead of being greedy. Content is a valuable quality in any person, and it is important to notice that the world is full of greed and many people worship money, but greed has no value. Being good, open-minded, patient, humble and selfless are investments to your spiritual life, just like saving money and not greedily spending it all at once is an investment to your physical life. The consistency in the way I felt about this, and the way the Bible explains it, made me realize that the Bible is very powerful, and made me consider God. This was the turning point in allowing me the opportunity to view God. I decided to open up my heart and think of God in my life, and I started seeing everything falling into place, and I eventually gave my life to God.

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