My Life and Experiences - Personal Statement Example

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Date:  2021-09-02

Being raised in a family of high achievers is terrific in many ways. However, there are occasions when it was a drawback for me. My mother is a Black American who fought her way up the career ladder through many struggles, rejection, and discrimination and managed to acquire a master's degree and a successful career as a pediatrician. My elder brother, on the other hand, is no slouch himself and he has also worked as hard and attained a degree in civil engineering. All my life, I have viewed my mother and my brother as not just smart people but geniuses who are made to succeed. For this reason, I have looked up to them as my role models and my primary source of motivation.

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As I was growing up, I always wanted to get into law school. My mother also used to tell me that I would be involved in the law. At most instances, she referred to me as the family lawyer. My desire and my mothers regular confirmations made and triggered my enduring passion for law. Therefore, I have spent all my life developing my intellectual capacity for academic success, wisdom, and perseverance to achieve my goals and passion for pursuing law. I can say that my determination and dedication is also motivated by Anatole France, who said that, to accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan but also believe."

The vision of law school that many students take time to deliberate on has always been a certainty rather than a possibility for me. It has been led by the unwavering dedication and determination to make an impact in the lives of many people in the society today who seek justice. Of cause, I did not quite understand what it meant getting into law, but my life experiences have taught me the actual goodness and the ugliness of the law.

I am an African American male, and I have experienced discrimination and prejudice and what it does to an individual firsthand. Although living in a good neighborhood and a much better life than most of the African Americans, I have faced similar ordeals and sometimes even harder situations residing among the Americans and away from the African Americans. I am a victim of racial profiling right from my childhood days to the present. I can write and narrate some of the many instances I have faced discrimination and prejudice which is familiar to other African Americans living in the country. However, I choose to look at the experiences as having a profound impact on my life that pushed my passion and determination to higher levels. These experiences neither deterred me in the past nor will they stop my passion and goal to become a lawyer. As Elbert Hubbard said, "There is no failure except in no longer trying. Therefore, despite the obstacles, I choose to keep trying.

As a result, I devoted my undergraduate coursework towards the task of acquiring admission into law school. I have made several attempts to join law school but I have always been faced with different obstacles, but I never gave up. I can say that my character while growing up and during my developmental stages has been perseverance and persistence. Therefore, every time I have an opportunity to present myself, I go. I believe that I make things happen and also make things work. Therefore, over the years, I have been working to improve my academics and professional skills so I could go to law school. During this period of self-improvement, I am attending Business School. It is worth mentioning that as a major finance student, I have realized that that the knowledge of law and finance greatly complement each other in different areas.

Just recently, I took a job as an assistant financial manager in a legal firm. Working in the organization has offered me the opportunity to interact with different people seeking legal assistance. Although I came into the job as a trainee, I like the job, and I am also certain of that I am good at it. I went into this position ready to face the different challenges in this profession. I am also looking forward to acquiring more knowledge, learning, and experience working with various high profile lawyers in the state. This position will as well offer me an opportunity to change and make a difference in the lives of troubled people looking for justice.

In essence, working in the law firm has pushed my desire of pursuing law. It has propelled my unwavering determination to become a lawyer even higher and stronger. Interacting with different people who are seeking justice over various matters in their situations has opened my eye more to the beauty and ugliness of the law. However, being of help and seeing a smile on every client's face is keeping my determination alive and ready to face any obstacles that may come up during my pursuit. I will never give up.

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