How to Choose the Right Ethical Dilemma Essay Topic with Examples

How to Choose the Right Ethical Dilemma Essay Topic with Examples

Published by on 2023-04-27 17:29:36

Definition of an Ethical Dilemma 

What's an ethical dilemma? It is the first question that bothers students who have to create a meaningful and consistent paper on the topic. Therefore, it is indispensable to start with the definition and basic peculiarities of the paper. An ethical dilemma is a situation when the person stands under a few moral ideas that are both undesired. Business, everyday life, corporate governance, and other areas can be affected by ethical dilemmas. 

Why do ethical dilemmas appear? In the overwhelming majority of cases, they appear as a result of discrepancies in behavior patterns, beliefs, goals, and attitudes of different people within a certain group. Everyday ethical dilemmas are quite common, as they may happen anywhere, and you will be forced to make a choice quite fast. 

Ethical Dilemma Types

Discussing ethical dilemmas and finding effective solutions may not be easy. However, the struggle is real for those who are aware of their types, features, and specifications. Check out the four most prominent types of ethical dilemma that can appear both in everyday life and specific circumstances. 

  • Short- and long-term. Short-term dilemmas frequently require the satisfaction of current needs fast. When it comes to long-term aspects, they can be defined as future-focused issues. 
  • Individual and community. Pursuing personal interests is about individualism, which catering to the needs and preferences of the community and its members is more related to community-based thinking patterns.
  • Truth and loyalty. When the truth is about complete conformity with reality and facts, loyalty presupposes allegiance to a government, person, or a combination of ideas. 
  • Justice and mercy. These are two contradicting ideas that motivate people either to stick to their personal values and principles and hold to the rules no matter what or focus on the particular needs of each individual and make certain exceptions. It is right to be both just and merciful, but the right choice should be made in every specific situation. 

Although the number of ethical dilemmas that may occur in different situations is much bigger, these are the most common ethical dilemma types that bother people. 

Purpose of Writing an Ethical Dilemma Essay

An ethical dilemma essay may not be easy, but it is exceptionally helpful. Why is this type of academic writing so common among college students? It s a great way to encourage learners to develop their research, analysis, and goal-orientation skills. Additionally, critical thinking is an indispensable part of the process. Dealing with ethical dilemma situations, students will get enough time to get settled with their moral values and similar aspects. 

How to Choose the Right Ethical Dilemma Essay Topic

The choice of the ethical dilemma theme is one of the first challenges students face working on such an assignment. No matter if you have never heard of the sphere or you are good at it, finding a decent theme to discuss is not easy. Fortunately, browsing a comprehensive database of ethical dilemma essay topics you will enhance your chances for success. At the same time, you will still have to make a little effort to narrow down your choice and come up with a relevant, appealing, and interesting topic

Consider Current Events

Everyday moral dilemmas are usually the most interesting for readers, as they deal with real-life events that are relevant to most people. Thus, if you want to come up with a reasonable theme, take your time to read the news, analyze the current situation in the world, and single out the most appealing topics. Additionally, there is always a chance to look through the ethical dilemmas list and specify the most suitable ones. 

Identify and Analyze the Issue 

Have you chosen a real life moral dilemma to discuss? Brainstorm and research available information so that you deal with the most interesting ethical issues. 

Brainstorm Potential Essay Topics 

The online market is surely filled with an unlimited number of ethical dilemma examples and solutions, so it will not be challenging to detect a reasonable one. Concentrate on the moral dilemma questions you are the most excited about, and take your time to narrow down the choice. 

Take a Look at Ethical Dilemma Examples 

This is another great tip that will help to find good examples of ethical dilemmas and follow them. Browse the web to detect an extensive database of sample papers and get inspired by them. Focus on the ethical situations examples that coincide with your vision and seem the most appealing to you. 

Examples of Ethical Dilemma Essay Topics

Before you immerse yourself in the analysis of the topic and research, you should get settled with the paper's theme. Striving to succeed with this option, you should start with a database of moral dilemma examples for students who lack ideas. This way, you will stay inspired and guided, so you will have a higher chance to detect a relevant and up-to-date theme. Additionally, check out a list of the most common ethical dilemma topics that may also be helpful. 

Biology and Genetics

  1. Animal Cloning
  2. Ethical Dilemma in Genetic Privacy
  3. Ethical Considerations of Human Cloning
  4. Spirituality and Ethics of Human Cloning
  5. Bioethicists and Ethical Principles


  1. Autonomous Vehicles and Ethical Implications
  2. Former Hackers Hired: Ethical Controversy or Opportunity?
  3. Potential Ethical Considerations on International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Project
  4. Moral Responsiveness Despite Technological Advancement
  5. Hacking Ethical Dilemma and Financial Security and Moral Concern


  1. Advertisement's Socially Responsiblity and Mario Mason's Suicide
  2. Global Business Issues in Decision Making
  3. Marketing Ethics: Making the Right Choices in a Dilemma
  4. Sweatshops as One of the Main Unethical Practices by Global Businesses
  5. Ethical Dilemma Report on Nike Corporation


  1. America's Healthcare Dilemma: Too Much Profit or Too Much Cost?
  2. Blood Transfusions: Ethical Dilemmas and Resolution
  3. Pandemic Flu: Navigating an Ethical Dilemma
  4. Emergency Physicians: Ethical Dilemmas & Decision-Making
  5. Ethical Issues in Physician-Assisted Suicide Anti-Vaxers and Ethical Dilemma Utilitarianism and Illegal Abortions


Writing an essay on ethical dilemma is much simpler and more effective with corresponding tips and guidelines. Take your time to read the above-mentioned recommendations to enhance your chances to succeed with the assignment. Additionally, look through the list of ethical topics that will inspire you and give you an opportunity to come up with the most influential and impressive theme. With the extensive database of sample papers available online, discussing the moral dilemma scenarios will not be complicated. Just stay consistent and follow the powerful writing tips to thrive.