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Date:  2021-04-13

I did attend the Symphony Orchestra Concert. In the concert, there were different kinds of audience that did attend or participated. The audience mainly comprised of listeners and as normal there can be no performance without the participation of an audience, for example in an interactive opera performance. Essentially, developing an audience in any artistic production needs a good comprehension of the audience. In this particular concert, I was in the audience since I engaged in the artistic production and also helped in a number of things to make the performance complete.

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Symphony was the art that was produced or rather acted. It infers to an ornate instrumental structure in three of more movements that are written for an orchestra. Specifically, those orchestras with far grander intentions and various aspects (Jones, 32). Similarly, symphony orchestra infers to a convert done by orchestra that is symphony. It utilizes instruments at some point in time, such as oboes, flutes or even violins. Further, most of the brass experiments used did not have any valves in the Baroque orchestra; however, they were always made to be played in the key D major. Some of the features comprised decorative such as the art similar to the period. Its texture was polyphonic as the tune was less significant as compared to the interplay that was present amid the portions. It had minor and major keys since as at that time majority of the odd scales started disappearing and only two scales were left behind. Moreover, musical accompaniments are also in the Baroque orchestra, but before this, majority of the melody was mainly Capella. However, during the Baroque orchestra period, orchestra was convoyed by composition. At that time; the violin began to replace viol's that used the ensemble to develop. Years later, there came horns.

The sitting arrangement in the ensemble adhered to the Baroque orchestral music which was polyphonic. It was often played on a keyboard gadget, like lutes, the harpsichord and a harp. Furthermore, the continuo section was designed to a bass that is figured. It also had to hold the melody in congruent. This plan allowed the leader of the performance to be the premier keyboard or violin player. The sitting arrangement was as below;

Variety and Unity in Baroque orchestral music were emotionally stated. It depicted a basic mood at the start and sustained the attitude throughout, just as grief and joy. Rhythm, melody, and dynamics also expressed the mood. The primary purpose of the gigue is that it is an interactive baroque. The gigue has a contrapuntal texture and has accents on the third beats in the bar, making it be lively. It has two sections with each section starting as a fugue whereby the theme that is used in the first part is being changed into the second part.

Normally, a gigue is slower. They have the ability producing an immense variety of rhythmic and meter movement. It also has a single melodic idea with a balance of homophonic melody with chordal harmony and polyphonic textures, and the movement of the song are in a binary form.

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