Essay Sample on Attitudes Towards Christmas Festivities

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Date:  2021-03-23

Different times of the year bring with them various experienced; bitter, sweet and tough alike. There are various lessons that we learn from each of them, and there are many things that different times of the year bring with them. To many Christians, Christmas is a time to come together and share in the life of the Savior Jesus Christ. I love Christmas times for the memories that it brings to my mind. Remembering the time makes me reminisce the times of old while I was still growing up. Due to the strategic time of the year that the day falls in it encourages plenty of festivities that together wrap up the year and acts as a benchmark against which the judgment of the success of the entire year is based.

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How successful the entire year was is sometimes based on the quality of the Christmas festivities. No other celebration has been able to bring together faithful Christians and faithless atheists in equal measure. It is unique during the time of the Christmas holiday that people come together regardless of whether or not they believe in Jesus and celebrate with all their hearts. There are not any other celebrations in the world that harness the same power as the Christmas celebrations regarding the number of people that take part in the celebrations.

A typical; Christmas day would begin earlier on in advance by the decorations to ensure that the day is well lit. The household will go out to do shopping that would be used for the day. Some families go to the extent of buying custom made clothes designed specifically for that day. The bone-breaking coldness of snow is never enough to rob the day of its chills. Regardless of the weather every household is normally determined to make their Christmas the best day of the whole year. The living room is lit with Christmas tree and the many surprise gifts stocked for the day after Christmas day.

There is always the little promise that children would be told to be good and they would find Santas gifts when they woke up after Christmas. Although a reserve of the movies, children believed it and it always worked to calm the children to sleep especially on a day like Christmas day when they would be pre-occupied with the whole world of activities. The day is not made yet without visiting the church for the blessings of God. At church, many people sing Christmas hymns in the golden bells and praise God for a year well lived and dream achieved. After church, it is always time for the family and many people define this as a time for eating to their fill. It is during the time for Christmas that there have been cases of people getting shocked to death and other eating related accidents.

Not everyone is wild about the celebrations, though. There are other people that love to use this chance to visit the poor, the sick and the homeless. To them, this is a time to give back to the society and be grateful to people one does not know. However one chooses to pass their time at Christmas it is always a great time to hang around and have a good time.

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