Community Service - Giving to the Community in Need

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Date:  2021-03-29

Community service is simply the act of giving of items or services to benefit other people in need. Community service can either be carried out by an individual or by groups of people who have shared interests. The items or services given differ from one community to another depending on the need at hand. Community service has proved to be very useful in our world today. By giving in whatever capacity, we go a great deal in saving resources which are further diverted to other use. Secondly, community service at most times helps people gain professional experience more so those who give services they have trained in. It brings people together and also its important in developing skills and personal self-image. Volunteering is a way of giving strength to the community and encouraging civic leadership. Finally, it is the best chance we can have to give back to the community. These are few of the many benefits of community service.

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I had a great opportunity to do my community service among the people of Bridgetown. There was a friend giving day organized by ten African Americans who started the organization. We were mainly giving out food stuff clothes, toiletries among others. I decided to buy sixty pairs of socks as my donation for that day. With the help of my mother, we pitched up a table where people in need passed and picked a pair of socks. There was a broad range of individuals from children, youths, grown up and even elderly.

Someone might wonder why I chose to do socks and no anything else. This is simply because most people would prefer buying other types of clothes and forgetting other essentials such as socks and to my expectations, I was right because nobody else was giving out socks that day. Secondly, I had limited cash and if I would have chosen to do something else then definitely I would not touch the lives of many people as I expected to do. I opted to work with L.U.G group who started the friends giving. This is a group of Africa Americans men. Their enthusiasm and passion for community service were a motivating factor for me to join them. They have the same values as me, and this made me more comfortable working with them.

Our community service was on the twentieth of November the year 2017. It was on a Sunday, at the downtown Bridgeport library. There was a significant representation of all kinds of donors which marked the success of the day. The lives of the people of Bridgetown will never be the same again after such a high visitation. It was a good learning ground for me during the community service. One of the crucial thing that I learned was on how to fundraise for a community service. The different donors shared very insightful stories on how they had been able to collect funds to cater for the day. In future, I will employ this skill when looking for community services resources.

It feels good to give back to the community because realize that no matter how small you give someone else appreciates because that it exactly what they need. It is during community service that you understand we do not give because we have a lot but because we know how it feels to have nothing. The whole day turned out to be a total success and me together with my fellow donors were completely impressed. The people of Bridgetown appeared jubilant and thankful too.

I have learned a lot concerning community service. It simply starts with a caring heart and love for humanity. You might not have a lot, but a caring heart will propel you to take action to help those in need. In future, I hope to do more and more community service and even partner with a friend in starting our charity organization. I would urge many people as possible to embrace community service at all costs because it is very rewarding in the long run.

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